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At 4:56pm on October 7, 2010, Susan Kirkland Durette said…
Is there anyone familiar with the pattern for the Embossed Argyle Sweater Vest by Brittany Tyler? I have emailed them twice and receive no answer. I have been knitting the front and am ready to split for the neckline. It seems to me that they have confused the two fronts with each other. Following the directions I have two full repeats of the cable pattern and then an additional 1-22 rows, ending on the wrong side. Next row bust shaping would be RS etc.putting remaining sts. on a holder. To me, the remainder sts. are now what becomes the left front not right front as follows. Knitting the next two rows and repeating them one ends on the wrong side and ready to begin knitting on the right side which the pattern says for the next row to work, WS: I am quite confused about this. Have ripped it back once and thought I would ask someone before I try again. Thank you for any help you can offer.
At 6:26pm on August 7, 2010, Peggy Stuart said…
Hi, Stacey! I see you joined the Spin Along! I'm so excited about it and the new spinning products from KP!
At 8:37am on March 11, 2010, Sunshine said…
I would LOVE to see the "Midnight Heather" color from the Alpaca Treasure line in a worsted weight wool. I think it is the loveliest color, especially for men, but in alpaca is simply too hot for a full sweater. Please, please, please adopt that color for another yarn line.
At 3:43pm on March 1, 2010, Rollie Olson said…
Thanks for replying. I'm knitting the Mossy Diamond Pattern coat size 40. I am on row 31 working with 129 stitches due to the six decreases. Following the pattern I am knitting the 19 stitches ( used to be 22 multiples) inside the astrixs yet have 3 stitches remaining at the end of row 31 that do not match the pattern inside the asterixs. I also am confused by what is meant by multiples of 22+1 ? I hope you can help because I really like the way the Diamond Pattern looks! Thanks, Rollie
At 5:14pm on February 23, 2010, gems9 said…
Hi Stacey,

Thanks for the reply. I wasn't sure where or if my question got posted or went to someone, so I appreciate the reply. Customer service said I can return both packs of connectors, but a new batch won't be available until end of March.

I can wait. Now if I return and ask for a refund, then I would have to pay for shipping again if I order them again, right? If I ask for a replacement when supplies are available, they'll just be shipped to me w/o shipping be charged to me?

Hate to sound so cheap over a few dollars of shipping costs, but I could get something with those 3 bucks :)

Isn't it strange that you've only heard from me, that only my 6 got smaller holes? I'm going to take a picture of the holes before I mail them back to KP.

At 5:53am on January 22, 2010, Janet said…
Thanks, I am wondering if anyone is knitting the Hugo cap??? I have it about done and it mentions lining but no directions to make??? It really is a darling cap, I made it with red as the main color per my daugter's request.
At 11:46am on January 13, 2010, Kate Moynahan said…
Hi Knit Picks headquarters, I would love to send the "Learn to Knit a Scarf and Hat Kit" to my niece. When I was visiting them over Christmas she asked me to teach her to knit. Alas I only got as far as casting on and the knit stitch before I had to fly home. She loves crafts and the LYS down there is great, but the garter stitch can get a little boring after awhile. This pattern sounds like it be just the thing to keep a new knitter's interest. The problem is I can't find the kit anywhere. Is it still available? If not the whole kit how about the pattern? Help! Thanks Kate Moynahan
At 1:15pm on December 31, 2009, cj said…
Hi Stacey,

Thanks for the information on resizing a sweater. I will check those books out and see if they will help me. It is really hard to find information on resizing and existing pattern I appreciate you answering my question. I pray blessings on you and your family to have a healthy and happy New Year. God bless cj
At 8:05am on December 11, 2009, gentledeer said…
Hi Stacey,

Thank you for your assistance. After the Holidays I will order a few skeins to see how I react to the Suri Dream. If I'm okay with it I'm going to try the jacket which calls for Fantistica by GGH/Muench Yarns(wool/acrylic/alpaca/nylon), super bulky yarn. The pattern calls for size 17 needles and the gauge is 8 sts & 11 rows = 4 in.
At 4:30pm on December 2, 2009, Lisa Browski said…
Got it ! Thanks so much.
At 2:32pm on November 13, 2009, Capergal said…
Hi Stacey,

Everything with the website seems to have updated as of right now.....sorry I should have let you know.....
At 9:00pm on October 26, 2009, Amy Green said…
Hi! Recently I ordered my first set of Options needles with cables but I've lost the key to tighten the needles. Are the keys available for purchase? Thanks!
At 1:14pm on October 21, 2009, Capergal said…
Thanks for letting me know. Do you think they will be continueing with this in the future?
At 3:15pm on October 2, 2009, Gail Delameter said…
hi, Stacy,
Thanks for the information about a size 5 in the sweater kit. I also need to make one size 12 -- would that be a size 7 needle and the 28" directions? Or should I use the 32" directions?
Will the color blocks come out OK in the size 5 if I use a smaller needle and follow the pattern? I'll measure the sleeve so at least they won't hang to his knees.
Sorry to be such a bother.
Wouldn't it have been a little easier if the sizes and measurements were printed in the instructions? that way we inexperienced knitters would have something to go by.
Thanks so much for your prompt attention to this. Tomorrow is a football day and I expect to get a good start on the sweater. Sincerely, Gail
At 6:49pm on September 30, 2009, maureen said…
hi stacey
i received the rest of the colours in the mail for the colour cards
on monday all are beautiful
At 8:34pm on September 10, 2009, maureen said…
thanks stacey i think i will go with the swish as i am so very pleased with the dk
will hurry up and choose a colour
i am making a hat right now with the leftovers i have from the cardigan i knit
my grandaughter, it is a pattern i found on raverly the pattern is actually the one i am going to knit the boys but in pink and white who can tell
i also wanted to let you know that i did get the pattern for the cardigan i asked you about
i am quickly learning how dependable knitpicks is
and while i am thinking about it when you are having a contest can canadians enter it the reason i ask is a lot of the magazines and such i have it is only for the country the contest originates
At 11:28am on September 9, 2009, maureen said…
hi stacey
last friday i received my order thanks for getting it to me so quickly
i absoulutely love the swish dk it was perfect for my project and the tension gauge i knitted measured exactly with the recommended yarn
there is just one thing i would like to ask
i had ordered the colour card for the swish dk and see that not all of the colours available are on the card
as i would like a sample of every colour is there another number to order the rest of the colours
even the colour petal i purchased is not on it which by the way is really nice kind of a mauve hue to it
the card i received is mostly fall colours
please let me know as soon as you can as i want to place another order
and can you also tell me if the swish worsted solid is as soft as the dk
i am going to knit my three grandsons hats for xmas but i know if they are not soft they will not wear them and i would really like to avoid the gloss as it is rather expensive when sometimes boys forget there hats and such at school never to be seen again
i was even wondering about the wool of the andes is it soft
please let me know as soon as you can
At 4:05pm on August 28, 2009, maureen said…
hi stacey
i am having a laugh right now when i first read your message i thought you said you resented not resent made me wonder what i must have said to you lol
no i actually did not get it
i was curious because you people are so good at assisting
not sure what happened but is there anyway you can send it again to
At 5:41pm on August 27, 2009, Laura E. Shallenberger said…
No problem...thankyou for bearing with me and helping me to understand. I appreciate your diligent and timely responces!!!! It is reassuring that you and the Knit Picks customer service is only a "comment" away :-)! Along with my new knitalong friends!!! I love this site...thank you Knit Picks for making this happen and helping us develop "community".
At 3:01pm on August 27, 2009, Laura E. Shallenberger said…
Stacey, I am so sorry to be such a bother...BUT I still don't understand how you came up with your answer. You said; "You are going to begin the decreases on the 32nd row you knit - which would be row 2 of the second chart." If that is the the 32nd row I knitted then if you take the 20 rows of the k2,P2 ribbing and then add the 12 rows of the chart one which I started at row 17 of Chart 1 (because of the average size) then I would begin decrease at row 28 of chart 1. IF you are saying 32 rows of "charted knitting", which it seems you may be saying; then it would be round 18 of Chart 2 since I started my charted knitting at row 17 of Chart 1 (for average size according to directions). WIth that said, I AM STILL CONFUSED :-( SORRY! Thanks in advance for your help AGAIN!

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