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At 10:17am on April 15, 2009, Picklepat said…
At 9.55am on April 15.2009, Patricia S said-- I just read some of your blog and enjoyed it so much. I;ve been crocheting and knitting forever. Started by creating doll clothes when five or six. There always seems to be something new to learn like "two socks at a time" on a circuler needle. I am working on an arron sweater for my daughter. I find my hands rebelling at the heavy yarn and the twisted stitches. It will get it finished,two rows at a time.
At 9:12pm on April 10, 2009, Shaina Scott said…
I'm a huge detail person, I've noticed lately that my distance vision has been getting quite a bit worse than what it was, though. I'm thinking of investing in a pair of reading glasses for when I do detailed projects, read and am on the computer to see it they help at all. Someday I'll uncover my bead-work and post pics for you. ^_^
At 9:22am on April 7, 2009, Karen J said…
Hi Elianastar,
I hear from Kelley that you're joining us tonight! I'm looking forward to meeting you! We have so much fun on craft night.
At 4:01am on April 1, 2009, kittyknitz said…
Thanks for accepting it! I am having such a hard time right now and thought it would be nice to at least have someone who would understand. Usually the only thing the fibro leaves alone is my wrists and hands. And what do you think is the flair from hell now. When I started knitting I felt like it saved my life because I cant do anything anymore, and now it is messing with my knitting. I am just feeling really dumpy about it. Mind you I have some other medical issues as well, but the fibro is what keeps me the most broken. Hope to chat with you soon.
At 10:27pm on March 30, 2009, Shaina Scott said…
I agree with you totally in regards to online security. There are just so many people out there that you can't blindly trust. Lol, I'm such a stalker, myself, mainly because I like to see what the community is like in threads before I'll contribute my own thoughts. Think of how many other people read your threads and posts,though, who are real creepers.

Thanks for you comment on my "picture" beading. I'm such a detail-oriented person that I just fell in love with the whole concept of being able to take designs, pictures and cartoons that I had drawn and make them pop with lovely little beads. Also, I'm a big fan of how all those rows and rows of beads sewn closely together feel when you rub your hand over them. ^_^
At 10:20pm on March 29, 2009, Shaina Scott said…
Thanks for the info, I'll have to check-out the securities on FB more once my gift socks are finished. I'd definitely like to play around on there and get a page if I can just invite my friends. Also, I'll check-out the comment moderation on Flickr. Normally, my sister is really sportive and nice, but, she is swayed buy her friends far too much (in my opinion). She'll do things that she usually wouldn't if her friends are around and think that it's funny. I'm sure that she didn't mean to be malicious with her comment on my bear, but it was the first stuffed toy that I made and I'm very proud of it so it did make me kinda sad.

"Ravelry is too big, I think, for "safe" forums." - That is exactly what I was thinking!! You really loose that close connection of being around other knitters there.

I'd love to see some of the bead-work that you've done. I've made a few pairs of earrings and I did quite a few necklaces in HS. My love, though, was making beaded coin bags and purses with intricate pictures "drawn on" with seed beads. I start with a plain canvas or burlap bag and then sew the beads on 3-at-a-time in different directions to create visual texture. HS was my big beading phase so I was able to enter a couple of my bags into the local art shows which was really fun.

At 9:33am on March 29, 2009, Shaina Scott said…
Thanks so much, I love the KP site, especially the UFO group. It feels much more like you're just chatting with a bunch of friends, than Ravelry does. I like using Ravelry for finding patterns, recording my projects, and for keeping updated on the goings-on with my LYS, but this is definitely more of a community.

You've got some great work, too. I loved the Sweater Workshop Sampler that you made. I have yet to make any garments other than socks, but I really want to get that book for when I start. What kinds of beading have you done? I've been thinking more and more lately that I really want to get back to working on some of the beaded bags that I've left half-finished.

I don't have a FaceBook account, mainly because my sister and all her crazy friends are on there. Merecedes, herself, probably wouldn't post anything too bad on there, but I don't trust her friends. This comment was from Merecedes, but she was being assisted by a couple of her friends. (Yes, the picture is very bad quality, but I only had my phone to take pics with at that point.)
At 12:04pm on March 16, 2009, Jill said…
Thanks for your explanation. I expect that it will come clearer as I use it. I will now return to the Sweater Workshop discussion
At 11:32am on March 15, 2009, Jill said…
Thanks for your welcome. I am rather confused about how this thing works - the site, not the knitting. Could you explain it a bit for me? This page - what is it for? Is it for things not related to the knitting? Any info would be much appreciated.
At 7:56pm on March 10, 2009, Susan the Blue Lake Knitter said…
I sure hope so, I've already waited two weeks, after finding out that I didn't have to endure this sloooowness.

My comments are muchly deserved. You worked hard to make these project adorable and special. Much to your credit. Congratulations on finishing these UFO's
At 7:16pm on March 10, 2009, Susan the Blue Lake Knitter said…
I just checked out your recently completed projects. I couldn't view them on the KAL discussion (took too long to load). The afghan is beautiful, and I love the dinosaur, too. Really good work.
At 9:39am on March 9, 2009, grapesonthevine said…
Hi! :) You're probably right.

What's your favorite thing to knit?
At 6:24am on March 9, 2009, grapesonthevine said…
That's okay. :) I was mostly experimenting with it--and you had been the last person to type into it. :) I saw you were still on, so I thought I'd try it out. The problem, I think, is that there's really no notification.

Have a lovely day! :)
At 6:54pm on March 8, 2009, 1sexygramma said…
I know what ya mean about the avatars. Mine on Ravelry is a teddy bear with a pink and yellow hat on. LOL
I have been on Ravelry a while now but am brand spankin new here. You are the reason I came back over to check it out and found the communities section. Too kewl. I joined the UFo KAL . I have tons of stuff on my needles that I need motivation to finish. Hugs. JoyB
At 12:50am on February 15, 2009, Sybil K said…
I definitely went off yarn while I was on vacation. I am miles behind all my friends on reading and have six books to read! I think I am the last person on the planet to read Harry Potter...well, last except my coworker who is reading it with me. I need to find some sort of book prop so that I can read and knit at the same time! I finally started my KP socks today. I learned how to do a tubular cast on which is really cool but way too hard to do on 5 needles. I work the 5 rows of the cast on on 2 needles then spread the stitches over the needles. I figure I can seam up the 5 rows and no one would be the wiser! The KP essential (soon to be renamed) yarn is so awesome to work with.

I don't know about the whole cutting holes in your finished work bit. I did it once on a dog sweater and ruined the sweater. I was however reading instructions with out pictures and I am much more a visual person since the standard knitting techniques don't usually apply to my style.
They do have some really great video tutorials on the KP web page. If I can't find it here I usually end up at YouTube :)
At any rate, can't wait to see picks of your finished sweater!

At 8:33pm on February 11, 2009, Sybil K said…
Hello fellow knitter!! I wanted to check in to see how your sweater project is going. Hope all is well!

At 5:27am on February 8, 2009, Alicorn said…
There are several books that give approximate measurments for childrens' sizes. I think I have one handy
In The Knitters Guide to Sweater Design, which I have from our library, they say - that a 3 year old should be about 3'1", with a 22" chest. The length is suggested as 41/2" from the bottom of the raglan sleeve. The raglan depth being about the same or a bit longer.
I hope that helps a bit.... Again, this is taken from a library book, so I will likley not have it for long. As it is old, I am going to be looking for a used copy to come up on one of the book lists I follow.
At 9:30pm on February 3, 2009, Sybil K said…
YAY! Bout time we see some pics of your work, which I must say looks amazing! I like the edging on your scarf. The K/C blanket is a beauty too :)
At 2:33pm on February 3, 2009, Marta said…
Thanks for the nice comments. I just added about half the photos so I don't think you'd missed things in the past. I have photos of most of the things I've made, but some of them are still in the camera. I'm very slow with those things. I always work on several things at once. Depending on how I feel I do row by row pattern lace or 'miles of knitting' projects. I work part time so sometimes I'm too tired to knit lace.

I just saw that you bought some Shine Worsted. The yellow mesh tank top on my daughter in one of those photos was Shine Sport. I have to warn you that when I wet it to block it, it virtually exploded! I was having panic attacks trying to get it to behave. I finally got it flat and to size and it dried as it should, but oh my, what a heart attack that was. I'm thinking light steaming with a damp linen tea towel might be a better way to 'block' it if you need to. But the yarn is unbelievably silky soft. My favorite sweater yarn from KP is Cotlin. It's a cotton/linen blend so it has the substance from linen that counteracts the soft drape of the cotton. The red jacket is Cotlin and my daughter practically lives in it. Anyway, sounds like you enjoy getting boxes from KP as much as I do! Just had some books delivered and am looking through them with great interest. My bigger spring/summer projects are a jumper for our youngest granddaughter, two tank tops for my daughter (one Lotus Blossom and the other a simple shape with a large cable up the front) and perhaps my Komon jacket and a long tunic in Noro from the new Knitting Noro book for my daughter. I've also got a pair of fingerless mitts for myself to knit. The Noro mitts were for my daughter and my friend using the leftovers from my daughter's Noro jacket (the purple/green one). I think I'll be plenty busy!
At 6:09pm on February 2, 2009, Marta said…
You're welcome. I've recently uploaded some more photos of my handiwork. Not much for blog postings--too busy dealing with my lists on Ravelry! hahaha I think you can now access my page since you are on my page as my friend. If not, let me know and I'll try to fix that. I'm completely lame about 'friending'. You sound like a very busy needleworker! I just bound off the latest jacket for my daughter. It's from the Knit.1 summer eco issue... the Gathered Cardi. They show it in a gorgeous green, and my daughter chose a softer nettle which is a light sage green I think. I used a cotton/soy yarn which was really soft and silky. I'm glad to get that off my needles. It was MILES of knitting!

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