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At 8:53am on April 29, 2010, MartyAZ said…
Giggles are good. Sure beats other alternatives. Ripping it all out made me giggle too. If it fails one more time, it all goes in the trash and I will start something else. I don't like the yarn (boucle) and hard to deal with. I love the color. It was cheap at a garage sale.
marty in AZ
At 8:36am on April 29, 2010, MartyAZ said…
So nice to hear from you Norma. We too are getting spring in Arizona. We are camping this week north of Phoenix at 3000 ft where it is a bit cooler. We are here for a total of 2 weeks, making a weekly trip back to Mayo for Chemo. I am starting to get some positive results from the Chemo, with evidence that it isn't killing me more than the cancer. I have some very good days.
I am working on a sleeves vest. After much gauge checking I started out, by casting on 90 stitches. Later I remembered that I am doing it on the round and needed 180 stitches. I forgot to multiply by 2! So I ripped it all out and am starting over. Good waiting room work, mindlessly round and round. Just a bit too mindless!
Marty in AZ
At 6:00am on April 29, 2010, cherylbwaters said…
Edinburg is down in the Valley in Southern Texas. It is near the Mexico border. It's about 6 hours from Houston. But you should have a nice relaxing time down there. ♥c
At 8:40pm on April 27, 2010, cherylbwaters said…
Norma, I hadn't even notice that you had mistyped my name. No big deal. I'm not the greatest typist in the world that is for sure. And my spelling is not good. I'm always using the dictionary to make sure I spelled something right. I'm in the central time zone, so I imagine you are an hour ahead of me. Isn't Ontario in the Eastern zone?
At 7:06pm on April 27, 2010, cherylbwaters said…
It looks like someone hacked into my email address and that no virus was attached. I've already reported it to my provider. Thanks for asking. Hope you are doing well. ♥c
At 10:03am on April 27, 2010, Sage Gypsy said…
Hi Norma :)
Yes, in fact, I have gotten two orders in the last few hours! :) They aren't large orders, but it beats the heck out of sitting here, making NO money! :) Even tho I brought my knitting and I have the prettiest colors on the needles - looks like spring to me. :) Let's see: it's a Bernat Softee baby yarn, "candy baby." Acrylic, but somehow they've made it feel a little like cotton. It's sort of sherbet pastels, easter egg colors... I can't remember why I bought it, but I think I will turn it into a shawl/scarf for my mother, for Mother's Day. : ) I know the colors will make her smile every time she looks at it, too. I'm doing a sort of basketweave, just cast on and started. It's really wide for a scarf, but not wide enough for a baby blanket. I figure I'll put a single button along the edge, and she can wrap it around her shoulders and button it across the chest? Anyway, it's a no-stress project, I'm just going to knit along until I run out of yarn, no shaping, no counting, no thinking! :)
Hope this comment-thing works!
At 3:31pm on April 26, 2010, Albannach said…
Hi Norma - Yes, I would enjoy talking to you. This is my first time on this knitting community . I'm a newby.
I live in Cumbernlauld in the centre of Scotland. It is termed a new town but I have been here for 38 years. I have just finished a pair of sock using Regia wool. I enjoy knitting socks and using this type of wool they look impressive. On the needles - Ishbel small shawl - and not making much progress - will have to frog a few rows or even more. Just finished sewing a summer top in the hopes we have a hot summer.
At 1:29pm on April 26, 2010, Catherine McGowan said…
I would love a caravan I think they are great, sometimes think I could live in 1 till I look at my wardrobe then I would need 2 one just for my clothes aaaarrrgh time for a clean out.
At 4:04am on April 26, 2010, Catherine McGowan said…
Hi norma I just answered you e-mail its 12o'clock here so the middle of the day, I never get out of bed before 9am as I like a bit of a long lie especially when I have nothing much to do. I am going to the gym later and my diet class tonight just some shopping to do and my day is left for knitting or being on the comp. How do you fill your day?
At 3:47am on April 26, 2010, Catherine McGowan said…
Its official I'm a year older and had a lovely night out for a meal and a drink. I did answer but I don't know what I did wrong, nothing new there, I do tend to overlook some things that are so natural to everybody else. MY knitting isn't very clever and I've discovered the reason is wool colour I need some nice new colour to inspire me, bold like a peacock blue. What are you considering right now.
At 1:03am on April 25, 2010, cherubhmm said…
Hi Norma! Good to hear from you! Thanks for the comments!! I am in the middle/end of knitting Miss Katy Cat. I've also been doing a little spinning. I have been so busy the past few days as I have a horse arriving at the end of the week, and trying to sort out everything is a nightmare! What are you knitting?? I would love to knit my first sweater in the round, but one I am nervous at starting and two I want to knit an EZ pattern but panic over the types of wool I need - I KNOW - tension is the key!! Do you knit sweaters in the round?!
At 1:43pm on April 24, 2010, KnitWhich? said…
Thank you, Norma.

I do have busy days and slow days, but the shop is still new enough that folks still say "Gee, I didn't know you were here". But word of mouth is going around, along with advertisements, and so, hopefully the business will continue to grow.

Btw, if you don't like winter, come on down here to N/S Carolina. We have just enough winter to make us grateful for Spring!

At 12:49pm on April 24, 2010, Catherine McGowan said…
Its going to be nice to ahve someone to chat to and love that its such a small world theses days.
At 12:48pm on April 24, 2010, Catherine McGowan said…
MY sister stays in Banbury but I made arrangements last year and we spent 3days in Newcastle I liked it there, the shoping was so much better than Glasgow, I told my niece when I save up some money I will take her there as she loves shopping and the big cities. My knitting isn't as on the go as I would like but I can't find what I really want to knit. Now I am in the middle of an aran but it seems to be taking forever. The knitter is a magazine I get delivered and I saw I nice cardi in it which I'm thinking of doing in sock wool as its 4ply and muted colours. How nice to be in Canada I think you are so lucky, use my e-mail if you want a chat.. if you
At 1:45pm on April 22, 2010, OliverBoliver said…
Hi Norma - no Oliver Boliver is not my name but my 2yr old son's nickname which I kinda like! Yes I do knit and have done so for nearly 30 years (gosh where has the time gone!) and I have been running a knitting circle amongst my girlfriends who bent my arm and made me teach them all to knit too.... I taught myself to crochet recently but I won't mention that too much here! Thanks for welcoming me to your community!
At 6:39am on April 22, 2010, Catherine McGowan said…
Hi Norma love your little picture. I am almost 61 and have been knitting most of my life what about you?
At 5:17pm on April 21, 2010, may assaf said…
Hi Norma . how are you? ya i travelled a lot around the world. it was nice to do so. i came to Canada 2006 and i am still here. hope you enjoy your stay there. i have my sister here in Ottawa and this why we came to Ottawa but if it comes to me now i go and live in Toronto. it is nice there and i have so many friends there but me daughter is in Ottawa university doing her masters in plant physiology and my son is in school here and it is difficult to leave everthing here. i got used to life here. my daughter is busy now with her university but i think next week i will show you the picture. sorry for the delay. bye for now
At 7:09am on April 18, 2010, Mary Johnston said…
it certainly is a small world. Dougie enjoys his dancing, we attended the pea and pie supper on Wednesday, though I only checked pc today. will look forward to our talk with Millie and Rose. when Dougie is at the dance alone his cry is Dont tell Mary he is dancing with other ladies. Of course whenever I see anyone from the dances its the first thing they tell me what he has been upto, and when I am there I take photos as I say its for the divorce evidence, it causes quite a laugh. I have made a green 4ply raglan sleeved sweater, needs stitching up then neck finished. The Hospice has a coffee morning monthly where they sell items so my aim is 3 garments sizes from 26" to 36" according to the wool I have for their sale. I tried to put a photo on to show you some of my work but not successfull yet, I must be doing something wrong, will try again later. talk to you soon. mary
At 7:05pm on April 16, 2010, June Swanson said…
I have found the same thing you have Norma, Thanks for your input. I never have had any trouble with my sweaters after washing. So I guess I will keep doing the same thing. I finished both sleeves and am going to try to attach. Also found out that Kelly Petkun did her shawl 3 yrs. ago and the yarn is discontinued and so I am out of luck. Oh well, it was worth a shot. Just got back with hubby from doing grocery shopping. I am not a shopper. Unless it is something a really want to buy. Talk to you soon.
At 7:15am on April 16, 2010, June Swanson said…
when you read Jill's comment , on the knitalong then go to Jill's page and read the comment I sent back to her. She has not answered me yet. June

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