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Wohee - the first pictures on my page!

Finally been disciplined enough to actually take the pictures of my projects started and finished this week and add them to my page. Admittedly, they (the pictures) are not star quality, but hey, that's just tough.

The socks were made with some yarn I was given by my mum in law for my birthday 2007. I had never done socks before, and lo and behold I found a nice and easy sock pattern in my knitting mag shortly after. So I had a crack at it and WOPEE now my hubby loves his socks and EVEN ASKS FOR MORE. He is happy about how much joy my knitting gives me (and the fact that it makes me a bit more calm), but it doesn't do much for him personally. Seeing he doesn't wear sweaters unless it's -20 degrees Celsius, the socks are a nice alternative.

Now with a pattern my attention was drawn to by Peggy, I've started my first fingerless gloves. They're going well, but I've decided that I won't stick my both hands into one of them each time and rather pass them on to my hubby as well (if he likes them) LOL. Somehow, although I do follow the pattern, either my hands are too small or the gloves are too big. :)

The good side of this is a) I learn something new again and b) I can adjust the pattern and then do another pair for me just smaller.


And another thing. This achievement (although the gloves aren't finished yet, they're well on the way) has given me the boost necessary to get my head out of the sand and get a bit more positive in general. Been a little down beat recently and this was just the treat to show me that the next good thing is just around the corner.

Now who said knitting was therapeutical? Well, whoever it was, I definitely agree!!!

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Comment by Peggy Stuart on January 28, 2009 at 7:13am
Maria: You can get a look at my GD wearing her gloves on my page. How's it going? --Peggy
Comment by Peggy Stuart on January 22, 2009 at 7:38am
Maria: I looked at your photos. Very nice!!! I'll be watching for the gloves, too. The first pair I made ended up too small for me. Fortunately, my daughter has hands that are as long as mine, but very thin. I could have made a gauge swatch--I usually do--but what better swatch for a pair of gloves than the glove itself? It's fun to knit, too. I have read both Elizabeth Zimmerman and the Yarn Harlot make similar suggestions. EZ says to make a hat as your swatch for a sweater. (It's bound to fit someone.) The Yarn Harlot suggests starting on a small piece of your sweater, such as a pocket liner or a sleeve. Then, if you get gauge, you can just continue on. Isn't it wonderful to have other people to share ideas with? --Peggy
Comment by Susan the Blue Lake Knitter on January 21, 2009 at 5:26pm
That's the thing about knitting your husband a first pair of socks... the first words out of his mouth are, "Can you make me another pair?" Mine did!

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