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Hi everyone! I have been looking for my next project, and I stumbled across the Prayer Shawl Ministry Online. I was instantly inspired to creat a shawl for a friend of mine who (with her husband) has decided to become a foster parent. She is a loving, caring, and dedicated Christian, so I knew she would appreciate a gift with such meaning. She appreciates the knitted gifts i give her, and I love making things for someone who likes, and uses them. I am also looking forward to knitting something a little "divine" as well:) I have chosen a color (with the help of the website)--lavender--which is the color that symbolizes foster parenting. I just need help picking out the perfect KnitPicks yarn for this project. I would love any suggestions about this! I am also going to tassle the edges in a silky ribbon, and maybe attach some charms to the tassles-----let me know what you think!

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Comment by EmilyVictoria on September 6, 2009 at 7:03pm
A great Knit Picks yarn is Suri Dream, I've seen a few people knit them on here using that yarn, however if you're worried about washability, then I would choose something else, my experience with the Suri is that it needs to be blocked very rigorously, and you can't really use any patterning with it, garter stitch and YO's really is it.
Comment by Mrs. K on September 4, 2009 at 12:35pm
Troy, I know what you mean about Ravelry. Not even a year ago I was wondering myself what the rage was all about with Ravelry. Then I joined and found it so helpful to keep track of my projects, my stash and my achievements. Having said that, I still have a huge amount of UFOs and TO DOs, but I'm getting much more disciplined now (something I had promised myself in a good way this year). And my hubby appreciates that, too. LOL. If you like I can go surf around a bit and send you a few ideas via message.
Comment by Troy on September 4, 2009 at 6:14am
Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Im not a member on Ravelry, but it probably wont be long before I join! I cant wait to get started!
Comment by crafty Robin on September 3, 2009 at 3:24pm
I also used Suri Dream for a prayer shawl and for a lap blanket. The stitch definetion is not good, but it is soft ad lacya nd warm. I used a pattern from "Knitting into the Mystery".
Comment by SuzieKnits on September 3, 2009 at 2:24pm
I made a prayer shawl using Suri Dream---in the color Hollyberry. I thought it came out heavenly! It is so light weight and warm. I didn't end up putting any fringe or tassels on it because it is so light and airy, and I wanted to keep that feeling to it. I made this shawl for my family to share, although I end up using it the most ---especially throughout the winter months.
Comment by Mrs. K on September 3, 2009 at 12:42pm
Oh, what a lovely thought and gift that will be! Are you going to make a specific pattern? If you're on the PSM online site, I guess you'll do the Trinity shawl. That should be absolutely lovely in that pattern. And I know your friend will cherish this.

If you're out for suggestions on charms etc, I could recommend you to have a look at the Prayer Shawl Group on Ravelry. There are quite a few threads on there that may inspire you even more.

All the best with your shawl. I know it will be great.

Hugs, Maria

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