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Ok, what's the best way to find the start of a yarn? It drives me nuts that I can't easily find it in the store bought skeins. People say they're easy to find in the middle, but I end up pulling the entire middle portion out to find them.

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Comment by Melanie Findley on June 10, 2010 at 5:04am
That's a great idea - I'll try it. I agree about it barfing - looks like you're pulling out the guts! Drives me nuts that I have that big pile of innards to go through until it pulls smoothly. I put the yarn in one of those little caddies so it works so well to come out from the middle. :) Thanks!
Comment by PickleSue on June 9, 2010 at 11:46pm
Hi Melanie- well, I'll tell you what I do... but most of the local knitting group looks at me funny when I do it. But some of them rewind every bit of yarn they use into an actual ball where it comes off the outside. And I hate that. I like the center pull even if some of it does have to be barfed out to find it. :) Anyway- first I take off the band. It is there to keep it tidy and together, well, when you're looking for the center and getting ready to use the ball, it has to go. Now- put a finger from each hand into the hole at the top or bottom and pull both outward- stretching the hole- now do the same on the other one. Now just look inside- you may see the end hanging there in midair somewhere. You might not. Just reach in and grab what looks like the centermost piece and pull it out. You might have guessed just 3 inches from the end, or it might be 3 yards, but it won't be half the ball, :) Hope that can help!

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