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My long awaited December vacation draws to a close today,,sadly enough. But I am also relieved to be going back to work-I don't know how much more can go wrong at my house-mechanically speaking. Two weks ago tomorrow, we were awakened at 3:30 am--our house was filled with smoke, and the smell of melting wire/plastic. We got out pretty quick-started all the cars and got our cat out and into one to keep him warm-and got the fire dept here. Turns out something in the fridge wiring shorted (thanks to a mouse chewing on the wire) and started it snelting. SO we called Sears (where we purchased it) to have them repair it..they couldn't come til Thursday..ok..we can live from coolers that show Thursday, called and rescheduled-no show Friday!! Fianlly called and got a local guy that does thi stuff who came in 2 hours..One trauma dealt with.. My DH works a lot of evenings, so he wanted to spend every waking hour with me..not a bad thing really, but he doesn't like to stay home..which was what I had looked forward to..sigh...
By Thursday, I was starting to get a little nutty-and tired of running all over with him. Friday dawned--DH and I went to a flea market (Green Dragon in Ephrata PA ) and had a marvelous time. On our way home, we heard a BANG and the car stopped..wouldn't even turn over...2 hours spent sitting on the side of a busy intersection...2 more hours before our car was towed and a friend drove the hour to pick us up and take us and our purchases home...grr...
Saturday when my DH was at work, I decided to tempt fate and do laundry...why did I do that? My washing machine started to fill, and then started beeping and flashing at me. Of course neither of us could find the owners manual, and a call to Sears was once again unfruitful.Could you believe it? When my DH told them we couldn't find tha manual, they sigested we use their online service to read what the problem was..maybe a nicer customer servce oriented would have been to offer to look for us? Never again will I call Sears for help..DH ended up driving to our local store and they knew what the codes meant..the washer wasn't sensing water coming in..although we can see it ...Later that day, I baked some cookies--which of course stuck to the pan...
At least I got the scarf done!!!!!

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Comment by banklady6 on December 22, 2009 at 3:29pm
I could also add the story of when my DH ran off the road a few years ago-He and I and a friend were headed to the Jersey Shore for the wekend, he dozed off heading into the sun, and ran off the road. I was knitting a pair of socks at the time--DPN's and immediatley threw them away from me. It was actually lucky that I had my hands full, as it prevented me from grabbing the wheel or his hands-all I could do was scream his name--woke him right up! Tragedy averted thanks to quick reactions from him--and a god reminder to all to stop for that cup of coffee!
Comment by Peggy Stuart on December 22, 2009 at 2:11pm
Good for you, getting the scarf done! One good thing about all your troubles is, when you go to write your autobiography, be sure to include it. It makes very interesting reading. It would be dull to read, "Woke up, went to work, took my knitting with me to the rest room..."
Comment by Jess on December 21, 2009 at 7:57am
Oh my, you need a vacation to recover from your vacation! I've had weeks like that where everytime I attempt to do something it blows up in my face.
Comment by banklady6 on December 21, 2009 at 3:53am
thanks for your thoughts. Susan your right--I had thought that I would even get back to working on my own socks, or frog my Montavilla tote and start over with 2 colors instead of four--four gets too I am with just one FO to be found. Oh well-it was time away from work, which I needed, and I did get a few things accomplished, like my Christmas shopping, and visiting the Christmas craft show in Bethlehem Pa, which is always fun..
Comment by PickleSue on December 20, 2009 at 8:56pm
I'm so happy the fire that was feared- wasn't!! That is so scary! Glad you're ok from that. And everything piled on from there. I feel your 'sigh' and 'grr.' Hang in there.
Comment by Susan the Blue Lake Knitter on December 20, 2009 at 6:49pm
No wonder you want to go back to work... I've had vacations like that and cannot wait for them to be over... everything goes wrong, and you actually thought you would get to spend the time knitting... Note: Companies with customer service like that are the ones I stay away from! Hope things go better in the next few weeks. --S

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