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It's 106 degrees in Newark NJ... this is Simon on the fire escape panting.  I'm poor I don't own an AC. And I like to imagine that it makes me loose weight to sweat so much.  Don't worry I have a fan for Dino, he told me the other day, "Oh mommy, I'm sweating so much!"



I have been so non productive... I tried to knit, I really did... but my needles all feel swollen or melty and then wool yarn in this heat is just not fun.


Last week we had fun though.  Sunday I took Dino to see the final installment of Harry Potter.  I honestly was somewhat disappointed with it, I thought I was gonna cry... didn't shed a tear.  Too many people my age declared it to be the end of their childhood, that of course is depressing.  I mean I've bought myself more toys as an adult than as a child (my parent's never bought me the Barbie house I wanted... this is how I cope).  Of course, I also have a four year old now that I gets to play with said toys.  Yesterday he wanted a My Little Pony, with a comb and other things, he is very much aware that ponies need accessaries and lots of them.


Here is a picture of him all decked out in his Potter gear:



That's his Gryffindor sweater made in Lion Brand's Cotton Ease in Cherry and Maze, the photo makes it look to bright in the flash.  Notice his scar and hair, he wouldn't leave the house without them both, he's such a diva.  My sister was able to get us the special edition 3D glasses even though we didn't see it in 3D, I have 4 pairs and gave my mom 2, they even say Deathly Hallows on the side.  Here he is on the bus coming home:



He actually fell asleep somewhere in the middle, I don't know I wasn't paying attention... I was too annoyed with the overdone comic relief.  Here's the sweater by itself:



I also finished this little scarf at some point, I just don't remember when, cause as soon as I was finished I started reading A Game of Thrones, highly recommended for those of who enjoy fantasy, and the HBO series was fantastic, I wish that director had done the Harry Potter books, because I felt as if he stuck EXACTLY to the book.  I think I was actually finishing the scarf while watching it online... I was so lucky to find this site that had it, apparently even though I have HBO, I have to pay an additional 5 bucks a month for the On Demand, seeing as our cable is free... yeah how about no.  So I tried the website... and Cablevision isn't set up for the video section.  Lame.  After hours of searching, literally till my eyeballs hurt and Dino thankfully wasn't here otherwise he would have been thoroughly annoyed with me, I found a site that had it commercial free!  When I was finished with that I was feeling rather pretentious and thought I should read through the complete volume of Sherlock Holmes (my co workers thought I was reading the bible, that's how big the book it gilded pages and all), I am really enjoying all the stories and I wondered why I never read them when I was younger.  Right now I'm in the part called the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, I'll read as many stories as I can until the sequel to A Game of Thrones comes from Barnes and Noble, maybe I'll try and knit something in between.  Anyway, here is the scarf:



It's made with Lion Brand's Amazing in Wildflowers, exactly two balls.  The pattern is the Chinook Scarf by Ali Green available on Ravelry.  I haven't blocked it... too lazy.  I also finished this sweater awhile ago for myself from the summer issue of Knit Scene, it's the Lodi Cardigan in Lion Brand's Cotton Ease in Azalea:



This photo came out ok, the actual sweater is not that bright, but it does go with many of my lovely dresses.  The buttons are from Walmart I think I spent like 2.50 on 6 buttons.  I really love this sweater, I like how it fits, perhaps I'll get Sammy to take a picture of me in it.  Here is also a picture of Dino from his Self Expression Day, which is what we call our moving on ceremony:


They did the play "Mary and Her Little Lambs" I made the lamb hoods, I think I did a good job, I'm not a seamstress in the least, it's actually one of those things that I really want to learn how to do, I even picked out an easy dress pattern, it's just finding the right fabric... I like crazy prints... but I just haven't found anything I like, also my budget is nil, so going into the Garment District is not happening.  But I digress, Dino did a wonderful job being one of the five sheep, and that is his certificate, I also got a certificate for best parent volunteer I painted the backdrop in the background too.  I have a video, but I'm not posting it on youtube, cause I don't want some parent suing me, people are desperate for money.


I also ordered some more bamboo needles I still can't believe I don't have a size 7 double pointed!  I also ordered a size 1 because I'm insane, and I need to finish Dino's sweater in fingering weight yarn, that I started back in December (don't worry it's a size 6, well 1960's size 6).  Dino accidentally bent my size 1 needles, and I can't deal with that, so lightweight bamboo it is.  He was actually pretty upset when it happened, he almost cried, I swear I didn't yell at him, I don't think I said anything really.  But that was way back during Christmas vacation.


So that is what's going on right now.  Hopefully this heat let's up I think it's supposed to rain tomorrow.  I do enjoy thunderstorms.  I'm gonna go eat a pop tart now, and read more.

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Comment by EmilyVictoria on July 26, 2011 at 8:04pm
The weather finally let up, and it's raining!
Comment by Peggy Stuart on July 25, 2011 at 11:14am
EV: Great blog! Sorry it's so hot there. It hasn't been hot here yet. Wish I could send you some cool breezes. Great work on the knitting projects! I think your little Harry Potter is a doll! They usually aren't as cute as they get older, but Dino's just as cute! Don't worry about getting sued. Only people who have assets or an insurance policy get sued! Probably better not to post on YouTube, though!

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