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The way things have been going on around here it seem like I am turning into more of a weekly blogger( heck I cannot even seem to post on the same day I write it). Not exactly what I thought when I started this. Oh well life cannot not be helped right?The following I wrote yesterday and since I have to go to work am just leaving it as is. Turn back to yesterday...

So here it is my usual Tuesday and while I wait to go purchase mulch I thought I would do a quick post. Ready here we go:

-Technology is a wonderful thing when it works and when it doesn't well....... you know. That's the short version on how work has been going. Good thing I like a challenge.

-Spring is finally here which now mean I have to divided my time between work, family, knitting, spring sporting events,and gardening (more gardening the last couple of weeks) More on this later.

-Finished knitting Hiker sock for DD sorry if I mention this on a previous post and is a repeat( I don't remember and to lazy to look back right now). Anyway another apology for not having a photo DD took off camping with mentioned sock before I could get a pic. Which I am sure will come back this evening wet and muddy from a day of canoeing( nothing like a well worn sock).

- Wind up two skeins of lace weight yarn for my CLC by hand with my fancy computer chair swift and my handy,dandy, left hand, right hand ball winder.Will order the KP ball winder soon. Which I am thankful for the use of both my hand ( thinking of you Peggy hope your having a good day if you read this, oh and I can't even get spinning with both my hands I'm way impressed by the way, yes I know you have two hands,but spinning with one in a cast!). Yes my arms did get a workout. Then after I winded it up to a ball rewind it to a center pull ball. Does anyone else have tangle issue with pull center cakes,even the ones I have caked from my LYS seem to get tangled in the center. I think its just me. Maybe I'll have better luck with my KP ball winder.Anyway knitting my swatch. which I am planning on practicing steeking on it.Will post pictures later.

-Have cast on for a CookieA sock( kai-mei). This now my traveling socks since the 3-3 rib is all I can handle right now and hopefully by the time it come to knit the foot things will have calm down.

-Still working on the Pi Shawl ( going ever so slowly but still loving it)

-Oh then had my house Tikkied( yes made up word) by my co-workers. OK short story version. Have neighbors who feel inclined to tell other neighbors what they should do with front lawn/yard. Truly the extend these people go to are unreal.This is not the hey so what are you planting, or that looks nice. Its the you should be doing this or that or when are you going to cut /trim that( mind you we are not taking about a front yard that is clutter or out of control). No we don't have a homeowner association. The last straw was when our neighbor cut our 6 foot hedge to 3 feet that was on our property last fall( yes you read right). Without our permission. Wait its gets better...So this spring we decided to take out the bushes (which did I mention are on our property?) since they were hacked and ruined so we can put up a fence( to prevent this sort of thing happening again, lined with some beautiful trees). By the way will try to save what we can replant in the backyard mind you and see if they will even come back but I seriously doubt it. You would not believe the uproar but get this from the other neighbors. Bizarre truly. Uproar over trying to make our curb appeal better, planting trees ( hello better for the environment),planting flowers. Since we are new here who knew that what they are upset about is they don't want anyone else to have a nicer front yard than theirs. I kid you not. Seriously. Crazy right? Ever heard anything like it? Not me.Hello its not a glamor house its a simple ranch home. So you'll love this. I was telling this to my co-workers( who are locals by the way)one day at work. Well they took upon themselves( in good fun, and to cheer me up) to come to my house get this at 6:30am on Saturday while I was at work and leave me a little present.haha.... this funny really. Oh heck you just have to see it.

LOL Do you see what they did? Pink Flamingo's.There were actually some on the edge of the property as well. If you look closely at the flower bed in the back round you can see pinwheels line up in a row. So I come from work to pick up my daughter and take her to her sporting event that morning and this is what I pulled up to. I could not stop laughing...LOL still can't.We left it for three days and took it down this morning. Funny thing though not one word from the neighbors in three days. Do my co-workers know something I don't? Of course I told them they could have waited until we mowed the lawn.Haha .....well it cheered us up. Nothing like a good laugh. Hope your having a good week.

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Comment by Mrs. K on May 8, 2009 at 1:05pm
Some people are just strange. I know that quite a few people here must think we're out of this world. Thankfully, we have a good mixture of neighbours, quite a few VERY weird ones, but our immediate neighbours are very good friends, too. So we just ignore the others. And they don't bother us. They know better than that, LOL.

Sad, but there's little you can do to change that.
Comment by Knit4Many on May 7, 2009 at 3:07pm
Why are some people like that? It boggles my mind.
Comment by Peggy Stuart on May 7, 2009 at 7:33am
Knit: So funny I had to show my DH. We had neighbors like that once. We moved into a neighborhood of new homes, each with a messy pepper tree in the front yard. Our new next-door neighbors wanted all of us to plant oak trees in the front so they would all be the same. We didn't want to do that. We wanted our yard to be different. We planted a willow tree and put in a couple of mounds with succulents, so we wouldn't have to mow or water much lawn. Next thing we new, they had a willow tree and a couple of mounds, and so did the people on the other side. The other people on the street wouldn't cooperate, though. They were always complaining about our backyard because we had a vegetable garden. Eventually, they moved back to where they came from. For some reason they weren't happy there. Yes, I feel lucky I can spin. --P
Comment by Knit4Many on May 6, 2009 at 3:09pm
We laughed so hard. Turn out while my little yard bandits were hard a work, they notice a neighbor open their blinds a bit, and my co-worker I heard from my other co-worker turn gave and the biggest cheesiest grin and wave. Haha... its so funny.
Comment by Susan the Blue Lake Knitter on May 6, 2009 at 6:16am
Hilarious! It's a good thing your co-workers (and you) have a good sense of humor. I'm sure your neighbors are way too much in shock to even make a comment.

I can't believe the nerve of anyone cutting or trimming someone elses bushes or trees or whatever without at least discussing it with them. What nerve! At our last house (which was in a subdivision - also no homeowner association), when my DH was unable to mow the grass on time, one neighbor made a comment, pretty snide too, if I remember... about how it was making all the other houses look bad. But no one ever touched our stuff.

It's a wonder you even have time to knit. Hope you have a great week, too. This is priceless... I'll have to show the DH when he gets back.

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