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ROFL!!! OK I'm ROBL!!! Ouch stomach hurts. Whew.. calmer now to tell you what has me in such a hysterical laughter and yes it has to do with thrums. Not just the fun to say part, but the boo boo I made and thanks to Susan I figured it out!

So the thrummed mitten continues sort of they got ripped backed again. See Susan asked me why my outside stitches seemed so loose when she see these mittens with the outside stitches looking tighter. Hmm... well that got me thinking (I should really cut that out). Tight? Hmm... jeez I'm knitting them on a size US 4 / 3.5 mm and I don't knit that loose. So I came home from work and got online. Looked on my Ravelry project page then the pattern page, then other knitters who have knit this page, back to the pattern page. Then I see it! I'm knitting on a US 4 / 3.5 mm when I should have been knitting with a 4 mm. See that? A 4mm which would be a...yep US 6. So my stitches aren't to loose my thrums are too big!!! LOL!! *wiping tears of laughter*. So of course I ripped them back to the ribbing which was knit with the right size needles. So my thrummed mitten went from this:

to this:

See what a difference!

Now keep in mind I have to still tighten up the top thrums. LOL!! Also keep in mind that I went with what Hello Yarn said on her site here is the link about no harm done with super fat thrums I don't think my first attempt is what she meant. I knew I wanted bigger thrums to give me more of a rounded shape since my DD would probably like that more than the more heart shape. Looking at the first picture boy they were round alright! LOL!! Sorry calming down again.Oh by the way I did forget to mention that for the knitting the thrum on the second row of the pattern I used The Yarn Harlot's see here way of knitting into the back of the stitch which is giving me more half moon shape than the heart shape.
It is so much easier to knit with the larger needles. Oh I did get to the waste yarn for the afterthought thumb trick part
Also I did manage to finally decided on the yarn I want to use for my co-workers Christmas presents and got those wind up today. So at least I'm making some progress.
Thank you bunches Susan!!

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Comment by Knit4Many on October 18, 2009 at 2:06am
Susan: I can't look at the before and after pictures without laughing! I even went and checked my gauge I was at about 5.5-6 sts per inch( the first time) it was to hard to tell the thrums were in they way. LOL!! You can never ask to many questions. If it wasn't for your questions I wouldn't have found my answer.:) Sorry I don't know how much it would take. I'm working with mystery yarn again (like the slippers) from what I am seeing on Ravelry on the others pages( I only got to the second page) its seem like one skein but they are working with yarns like Paton Classic or Cascade 220. I can't imagine it taking the whole skein. How much yarn does a worsted mitten take? It is still knit on a smaller size needle. It might work I'll investigate more when I come home from work. If nothing else you could make a nice cowl on larger needles?
Peggy: LOL!! One of the reason it was so funny to me is because I kept thinking hmm how tight should I be? I mean it WAS tight. Never thinking about the thrums just how tight it was. When I saw what it was it was just funny! Here I've been talking about thrums for how long? Its a bit of work but not a lot of knitting. Its not like I knit a whole sweater or a shawl. Plus this is really the only challenging Christmas knitting I have the rest are just socks and hats and maybe a cowl. So here I am planning on knitting 2 pairs of mittens.It really went faster this third time. LOL!! So I think the second mitten and the next pair should go quickly. Thanks for the paper bag I needed that. I get frustrated sometimes with my knitting (remember my CLC struggles) you know that but then I think its knitting and then after wards I usually laugh at myself. The first picture reminded me of snowballs and that got me laughing even harder. I want to knit me a pair. Thrumming 2010!!
Comment by Peggy Stuart on October 17, 2009 at 9:24pm
Knit: Here's a paper bag to breathe into.! I'm glad you have such a good sense of humor. Some people would just throw it across the room. (I have someone in mind who has done this, but she won't be reading this, so I can say it!) Good for you. I'm going to add thrummed mittens to my list of things for next year. Drumroll please...thrummmmmm! --P
Comment by Susan the Blue Lake Knitter on October 17, 2009 at 7:25pm
Knit4... LOL indeed! I was reading the instructions again today, and I misread the needle size too. That IS funny. I did the "afterthought" thumb on my Fetching Mittens, and once I finally figured it out, it was fantastic. OK, one more question, and I promise I will leave you along. How much yarn did the mittens take? I got a free skein of yarn this summer - a beautiful brown/gray alpaca, and I was going to use it for socks, but discovered late last night that they would not work. Now I have this beautiful yarn (about 100 yards) and have no idea what to do with it. I think using it for the mitten part and adding blue and red thrums might look nice. So glad I gave you a good laugh! --S

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