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Sometimes I wish my brain would just give me a break already! The
problem today is that with my teaching schedule I didn't get very much
time to knit. When that happens I start scheming up new designs. And
then, of course, I want to drop everything I'm doing and start
something new, because I may suffer a little bit from knitting ADD....
But I am going to be good. I promise. No new projects were started
today. I am still right on track with Scotch Mary.

Something pretty cool I noticed today was that Knit Picks has new Spring yarn!
You can see the sneak peek video on the Knit Picks blog HERE.
It's not exactly a *brand new* yarn, but more of a big expansion on
yarn they carry now., which is really cool. And ya wanna know why? The
yarn they've expanded on is none other that the Simply Cotton I'm using for Scotch Mary. Currently it is only available in natural colors, but soon Simply Cotton
will get pretty colorful! So when Scotch Mary is done you'll be able to
pick from a wide range of colors if you'd like to try out the yarn and
the pattern. Perfect timing! (Or so I'm hoping.)

We're supposed to be getting snowed in tomorrow. I'm half looking forward to it.
Normally Wednesday is a very busy day of teaching lessons for me, so
typically it's a day I get very little knitting related work done. If
we get as much snow as is being predicted now (up to 16") then
everything will be canceled and I can knit to my heart's content. On
the flip side, I *really* don't want to have to shovel more snow and
not be able to get to Chris's house. People tend to think Long Island
is flat, but I live on the rocky-formed-by-glaciers north shore with
twisty turny old roads, so I could potentially be stuck home for a
couple days. Oh well, knitting and hot chocolate it will be. Hopefully
I can block out all those other pesky distracting ideas!

Now... off to bed. I can barely keep my eyes open and my thoughts are beginning to sound incoherent in my head.

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Comment by Erica Jackofsky on February 16, 2010 at 9:35am
I spent all day yesterday learning how I didn't want something... Whew. I'm glad I have that over and done with. Maybe now I can be more productive! ;o)
Comment by cherylbwaters on February 16, 2010 at 9:30am
Erica, that's what I told Susan, it's not a failure, just learning how you don't want to do something.
Comment by Susan the Blue Lake Knitter on February 10, 2010 at 6:42pm
What I have done today has failed... but... after the failure, I got another idea... so it may not be a total bust after all.

If we can get a few good days to ensure cleanup, I think we will be OK. Thanks. --S
Comment by Erica Jackofsky on February 10, 2010 at 6:38pm
oh no!! I have plenty of my own days of total failure, so don't feel bad. I'm running a lifeline through Scotch Mary right now just in case this next step doesn't work out... [fingers crossed that it does!] Just gotta do some more brainstorming and try again. Total fails aren't always as totally failed as they seem at first. ;-)

Hope the weather clears over by you so you can enjoy your daughter's visit! After today the snow should be done here. Tomorrow will be all cleanup, but it's supposed to be sunny.
Comment by Susan the Blue Lake Knitter on February 10, 2010 at 6:14pm
Erica, You have so inspired me with you designing... and I had something in mind that I thought would work... so I spend my day knitting swatches and sample knitting... end result... total failure! And then when I tried to frog my sample, the yarn got tangled, and total disaster... my DH looked at the mess in my hands and told me to take a break... I did!

I think the Simply Cotton colors will be great - totally agree.

RE: Snow - we have had either freezing rain or snow for three days straight - but only about 3-4" remains on the ground. I'm just hoping we get a few clear days before next week - my daughter is coming for a long overdue visit which we are hoping will be great fun!

We will be watching for Scotch Mary... can't wait to see what she looks like. --S

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