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I am so easily distracted. I went out this morning for my acupuncture session and decided I’d stop on the way back at the knitting shop to pick up a new row counter. I really needed a new one because of the two I had, one was in use by a pair of languishing socks, and the other apparently got up and walked away. I had a half hour drive to get there and during that half hour I changed my mind about stopping several thousand times. As I approached the yarn shop I gave myself much practice changing lanes in midday traffic. It went something like this:

Quick, I need to be in the left lane if I’m going to stop ::lane change:: But if I stop I know I’m going to be tempted to buy yarn ::lane change back to right:: I really need that row counter to track the raglan increases ::lane change:: I shouldn’t be spending money and I have plenty of yarn at home ::lane change::

I decided to let my final decision be made by the traffic— After having just switched back into the right lane I had only the length of one more shopping center before I would come to the knitting store. If I could manage to get back into the left lane then I would stop. If I couldn’t.... well, then it wasn’t meant to be and I would pass it by. Of course, I might have driven a little more aggressively than usual to get back into that left lane, so in the end I’m not 100% sure traffic decided or if the need for a fiber fix was too strong for my poor mind to handle.

Standing in a room full of yarn all nicely organized is inspiration overload. I may have walked around in a daze for close to an hour (it didn’t help that the acupuncture had made me pretty relaxed/sleepy). I did walk out with beautiful new yarn, and I even remembered that I’d needed that pesky row counter. When I got home I was very good. I resisted the urge to throw aside my current sweater project and begin afresh with my new yarny love. What I did was make a pile of the skeins in my line of sight, but out of petting distance and settle down with the sweater project.

I came up with a name for this sweater project design. Although I didn’t have a clear idea of what this piece would look like when the name popped into my head, “Scotch Mary” was calling out to me. I think it will be fitting because if things keep up they way they’ve been then I’m definitely going to be needing a stiff drink with this one. So henceforth, this lightweight, organic cotton, top-down, short sleeve, raglan sweater will be known as “Scotch Mary.”

For some reason today I was feeling in a very girly mood. I want ribbons and bows. I’m not usually the ribbons and bows type. I’m not sure where this urge came from and I’m wondering if I should be scared right now. Other than that though, my mood gave me an idea. Right now I’m thinking.... I’m going to keep the top of the sweater in plain stockinette as I increase for the raglan shaping. Once I move below the bustline the knitting will open up into a simple all-over lace. Panels down each side beginning just below the arms will have a double row of eyelets. Ribbon will be laced through these eyelets afterward and pulled slightly to achieve a subtle ruching and have a bow tied at the bottom hemline, one on each side. And this is another instance where drawing skills would very much come in handy... Perhaps I should get on that.

Today turned out to be a much better day for knitting than yesterday. I got some planning done and close to three inches of knitting on the top completed. Tomorrow I should get to begin working the button holes.

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Comment by Amy Green on February 5, 2010 at 3:22pm
I fight that same urge too! LOL

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