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Scotch Mary and I went on a knitting trip today to Starbucks. I am
delighted to report that both of us were very well behaved and had a
nice time. No stitches were lost, no other projects were cast on. It
was just me, Mary, coffee, and knitting friends for the afternoon.

Scotch Mary's Progress
The longer the lace rib section gets, the more I like the texture of
it. It's so very nice and scrunchy right now. Obviously I will block it
out when I'm done and that scrunch factor will be gone, but for now I'm
enjoying grabbing a fistful of material and feeling the texture in my
hand. When I do get around to the point of having to block it I'm going
to be stretching the stitches down more than out. Right now I'm feeling
very optimistic about the design. The drape of the fabric seems like it
will definitely work with the idea of the i-cord lacing on the sides.
Because of all the yarn overs the bottom half of the garment will be
very airy and gathering parts of it up shouldn't be a problem, which is
something I was slightly concerned about at the beginning of this

I am so happy that I remembered to place button holes in the front
bands. This sweater would not do well with the distraction of button
loops or tabs (as I used on Bonnie Kate). I can't remember if I
mentioned it before, but I bought small mother of pearl buttons for
Mary. Delicate, feminine, and pretty neutral. Overall a very safe

In Other News
I'm having some trouble with my eyes recently. It seems to happen
mostly when I'm tired, but I've found my vision getting a little blurry
and feeling a pressure behind my eyes (toward the bridge of my nose).
The pressure feels like it could be related to my sinuses, which I'd
rather deal with, because I've also been getting an odd sensation in my
ear as well. Eye problems kinda freak me out. My eyesight is so
horrible and there is a history of eye related problems in the family,
so I always feel like I've got some big bad monster looming ahead of
me. I've promised myself that I will be get an eye exam (and fun new
glasses!) sometime in the very near future. I'd like to say at the end
of this month.

To end this day's post I have a question...
Length. I'm aiming for Mary to fall at the hips, at least for my own
version. How long do you like your sweaters to be? Leave a comment to
let me know! (and make sure you note what size (S,M,L, etc. or bust
inches) this length would apply to.

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Comment by cherylbwaters on February 16, 2010 at 10:02am
Personally, I prefer things at the hip. But partly to hide my large or should I say XL size.

I totally understand your concern with your eyes. In 1999, I had shingles in my right eye. I can no longer binge read [a couple of books in a weekend], but in a way that is good. I've switched to listening to books and can knit and "read" at the same time. Because knitting doesn't have the back and forth movement that reading does, it doesn't strain my eyes to knit. But when I am tired, my vision does blur and it can be scary if I don't pay attention to my body telling me to take a rest. I also agree with Susan; it could simply be sinus problems. So don't stress over this but do plan on an eye exam in the near future. ♥c
Comment by Susan the Blue Lake Knitter on February 16, 2010 at 5:53am
Mary sounds like the is coming along fine! The lace sounds so inviting! RE: Your eyes - if you have sinus problems, this may be what is actually bothering you... stop worrying until you can get to a doctor.
Sweater length: This sounds like something I would knit for one of my granddaughters, so we are talking a small size, and for length - any where from just below the waist to the hips. --S

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