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stripy socks, daylight and the occassional panic

As much as I like the immediate extra hour of sleep I get the day of the time change, I am really not fond of waking up in the light and coming home in the dark.  This year's adjustment brought a head cold and laryngitis with it. Both are not conducive to teaching.  Taking decongestant just makes me jittery if I forget to reduce my coffee intake--which I always do, because it is warm and makes my throat feel good.  Then I panic at the mountain of new paperwork that has been added to our old paperwork and the fact that the end of the year is fast approaching.  I should have been more excited about having a knitting holiday with Veteran's day.  I have some fantastic self-striping socks in the works, this part is rather lovely.  I actually wrote down the number of stitches in my center group of the heel (I always forget and have to figure it out on the second one-which never looks right at first).  I am down to the last decreases of the instep.  My DD loves her match/mismatch socks and gets a big kick out of wearing them. I have been drawn to small projects on DPNs lately.  I have turned out a number of mochimochi bedbugs for some of the shorties in my life.  I have one currently on needles.  I knitted the pigeon that arrived with my copy of Knit London--a nice bonus.  Unfortunately, he is a bit unsteady on his little pipecleaner feet--I was tempted to put X's in for eyes, but he is simply my DP's apostate pigeon.  I have been informed that pigeon is lonely at work and requires knitted company.  Between my tiny task master DD and my DP, the question of who are you knitting that for precedes what are you knitting..  One of my DD's newly discovered passtimes is finding patterns on Ravelry.  I will have to teach her to knit in the near future, as she hasquite ambitious knitting plans that seem to involve me. 

Right now, I can smell my banana bread for tonight's charity event cooking.  My DD is amusing herself, while My DP is out cutting down large weeds in the back garden.  My job is to split my time between checking to see no limbs or digits have been accidentally severed and making sure the bread does not burn. I am hoping both come out without incident--as we are going out tonight.  I usually knit something for this event.  Last years lace scarf brought in more than my goal.  I was concerned with time this year, so my auction donation is 4 knitting lessons for up to 4 people.  Perhaps I can silmultaneously raise money for chairty and turn more people to the darkside.  Whoahahahaha! The bread is now cooling and the light is fading.  It is time to round everyone up and get them ready to go.  Happy knitting...Perhaps if we get home early enough, I can knit and watch Paul.          

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Comment by cherylbwaters on November 17, 2011 at 11:09am

It sounds like it was hit!

Comment by Julie Prerost on November 16, 2011 at 4:36pm

no lost digits or limbs, the bread did not burn and the auction went ok.  Now I just need to find out who I am teaching.

Comment by cherylbwaters on November 15, 2011 at 11:24pm

Julie, I'm not sure how you have managed to get everything done and work also! I think your knitting lessons should be a hit! Hope the auction went well.

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