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This is what startitis looks like:

I've been keeping track of the North American International Auto Show (now over) while starting project after project. I love combining knitting with cars, so here we go.


From right to left, (how knitters do it):

A pair of Keep It Simple Stupid Socks in Shibui Knits Staccato Sock. It's the newest Dodge Challenger, which continues to keep being restyled to look more and more like the old Challenger, which I love. It's simple, beautifully engineered (just like socks), and a little bit seventies. The Challenger became famous in the best car movie of the seventies, Vanishing Point, and the socks are the color that the shag pile carpet was when we moved in to this house...but I love them for it. I love the color, and I love Vanishing Point. I really love the seventies.


That blue blob is a moss stitch cowl for my mother, in Rowan's Baby Alpaca DK. I bought a bunch of alpaca before I discovered that, in a ridiculous irony, I love working with it more than anything, but wearing it makes me itch. This one is the new Tesla Model S (the sedan, not the roadster), a sports car that's ELECTRIC. Beautiful, great fun, great idea, but in the end, not for me. I'd rather have the Chevy Volt, which is the same, but in wool. ;)


The littler blue blob on top of the Tesla is a pair of River Rapids socks from Sockbug in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, colorway Avondale. This, this pattern is the newest Porsche 911 Carrera 4S. Deceptively complicated-looking but beautifully simple, fast, fantastic, and oh god, I want them. I want the Porsche, I want these socks. I wish they were finished, right now, right now. I wish I hadn't made them ENTIRELY too small the first time around and had to rip back and add another pattern repeat. That is a totally great pattern in a totally great yarn, in a stunning colorway. It's everything I want in a pair of socks, and the 911 is everything I want in a car.


The green ball of yarn used to be what I was calling my "Mirkwood" scarf. It's hard to see in the picture, but when I took it, it still was. It has since been ripped back, because I HATED IT. I hated everything about the pattern. EVERYTHING. The yarn is great, a Louet Gems merino in a sport weight, and a fantastic green (to break up the blue theme), but the pattern makes me want to gouge my own eyes out. This one? The new Ford Focus RS. Great starting material, but the execution of Ford's marketing makes me want to CRY. They have managed to make the most divisive, nearly-racist, ridiculous commercials EVER, for a really great little car. Sigh. I might make the yarn into that Chevy Volt I was talking about earlier: a moss stitch cowl for myself.


That OTHER blue blob, the darker one, I think might be the next big love of my life (After the Porsche Sockbug socks of course): it's a MimKnits Seraphim in Dream in Color Smooshy (Romeo Blue). I'm having a relationship with this pattern. I'm still on the stockinette portion, so we're still feeling each other out, but I love the yarn, I love the color, I love love love love love love love it. Love it.  Can I say I love it one more time? This one is the 2011 Honda Accord. I'm not sure I love the construction yet (haven't driven it or got to the lace portion of the pattern yet) but I love the looks.


And finally, the biggest blob there, the grey one. That's a pullover in City Tweed HW.  It's the Cloud V-Neck Raglan by Laura Chau, which reminds me of the new Jaguar XK. It's slim, beautifully simple, cracks along quick as anything and more than anything, I like the people who made them. I like Jag, and my god, Laura is incredibly nice. This is my first sweater ever, and I could not see how the sleeves I e-mailed her. She got back to me quick as a Jag sports car, with just the answer and encouragement I was looking for. Brilliant lady.


I really am the most boring person ever, but I dearly love both cars and knitting and combining them has made the last month such great fun!

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