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OK I know I have been MIA again but I hope everyone had a good Mother's Day. What? Yes I figure moms and grandmas and aunties ect... are all those things everyday so I can wish them a Happy Mother's Day any day. There is also another reason why I want to talk about Mother's Day. That was the weekend I went to me very first fiber festival! * I'm dancing, I'm dancing* It was The Shepherd's Harvest Sheep and Wool Festival. I HAD A BLAST!!! Saturday I went with whole family and Sunday I got to go by myself.

So let start right off with some pictures. Shall we? WARNING!! WARNING!! WARNING!! LOTS OF PICTURE TO SEE HERE!!
First DH gave me this wonderful bag that I really wanted for a long time. As you can see I was checking out the KP site while getting ready for the day. Big roomy bag,lots of pockets perfect for hmm....yarn?

When we get there it was cold and raining off and on perfect for to me to look at these.

Lovely warm wool yarns. Honestly at first I was a bit overwhelmed. Mind you first timer here. So fair warning this is picture filled with some of my favorite pictures. So much fabulous yarns and fiber too many to take pictures of everything.

This was a message to my DH. Honey? Get the hint?

He did and I didn't have to cook that night. They took me out to a nice dinner after wards.

This could be me any time I'm knitting.

I feel like that one should be hung over my head. While wearing a button that says "Shh...I'm counting"

These little baby sock kits were so cute. What a great knitting party favor idea. Fun cute stuff all around.

Of course there were the animals..

Alpacas on parade.


and of course sheep.

He was warm at least.

I can't forget the angora rabbits. Little man loved them. It was funny that DH was tempted to buy one. Didn't happen but we did get this cool picture.

Yes she is spinning right from the rabbit.

There's a closer look.

That was pretty cool.

So by now you might be thinking what did you get?? Well that new bag came in awfully handy. See?

Lots of yummy stuff for mommy.

A skein of 90% llama and 10% wool bulky handspun. So soft. Wish I bought 2

Five skeins of wool and silk worsted weight yarn. Its just as hard to take a picture of gray as it is black. Remember I love neutrals.

Purple not any easier.Especially when your excited come home and take pictures with not great lighting and your DH has the camera for his own use today so no chance of a retake. So think rich royal purple OK?

Even with the not so great picture I love this yarn. Sport weight ( I think) Merino wool. Then there was DH gift to me. Its the one peaking out of the bag on the left. 100% Alpaca in his favorite color navy blue. Yummy. I cannot believe I didn't take a picture of that one by itself. Oh well are you tired of pictures yet? Remember I did warn you.

So want to know the best part about going to a fiber festival? There is someone always ready to help with any question you might have. My question? How do I spin my own yarn? I mean come on fluffy,soft,warm,cozy fiber EVERYWHERE!! I had to know. Well after reading a lot of books and trying many times on my own I had to muster my shy self ( yes I know hard to believe) some courage and ask..maybe on Sunday when I would be going myself. Now mind you that did not stop me on Saturday from buying these..

I call it my own sampler platter. From top left to right There's Augustus and Chester two very nice Huacaya Alpacas. A nice Romney on the right of them. Panzeah alpaca on bottom left, next is a Moorit Shetland top, then a black comb top which I can't find the business card. Will have to seek and find that later. Also I met two very nice sister Jill and Jane. Jane gave me some Cormo roving to try and Jill gave me some Purebred Black Corriedale to try. Wasn't that nice? Then DH wanted to buy the Cormo Ram..but that's another story and no I am not the proud owner of one. No wonder Kelley fell in love with this stuff( Cormo I believe is the one she mentioned) when she learned how to spin. Spongy and soft is right! Listen to podcast #1 if you are wondering what I am talking about.

So I go home Saturday night and become a....

in my sleep. Naw just kidding.. cute huh?

Tune in next time to see...

Did Knit muster up enough courage and asked for help to learn how to spin?

Or did she just go and buy more fiber only to get frustrated while trying to once again teach herself to spin and has chucked the spindle and now is doomed to a life of only making felted covered soaps. Just kidding about that part,fiber covered soaps are very cool see

Well its not that I don't want to tell you right now but let's be honest this is on long blog post. You need to stretch,eat drink,read another blog.

I'll share more later.

Gotta go stretch,eat,read another blog post. Oh and pick up kiddos.

Hope you are having a great day!

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Comment by Peggy Stuart on December 4, 2010 at 2:58pm
Where was I when this was posted? Oh, yeah! I was getting to know my new granddaughter!
Comment by Knit4Many on May 20, 2010 at 7:59pm
Susan I thought it would be fun. I just didn't know how much fun.
Cheryl that would be a fun summer project.
Comment by cherylbwaters on May 20, 2010 at 4:48pm
Oh, wow, Knit, what a great brief break! I bought soaps and roving to make soaps last Christmas, but ran out of time. Now I will have to try to make some soon. ♥c
Comment by Susan the Blue Lake Knitter on May 20, 2010 at 11:14am
I know what you mean - I loved my first time, too. ♥s
Comment by Knit4Many on May 20, 2010 at 10:21am
Susan- I hope to have part two done soon. :) It was so much fun!
Comment by Susan the Blue Lake Knitter on May 20, 2010 at 10:17am
Knit - Fantastic pics and a wonderful story... I felt like I was walking along with you. can't wait to read part 2! ♥s

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