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Good morning.

I have not written much on either of my blogs for some time. Sometimes, things just get in the way of doing what I want to do. Things like: bills need to be paid, the septic tank backing up into the kitchen sink, a birthday, getting groceries. You know the list. I really thought retirement meant that I would be able to sit in my comfy chair, knit and watch old movies. But every once in a while, I guess, you just have to pause and take care of other things.

I did have an interesting experience the other day. I was downtown in the health food store and saw a woman with a lovely simple cap that was made from a yarn in rose colors. I've forgotten how to be polite when it comes to yarns and knitting. So I walked up to her and asked about her cap.

It turned out that she had been one of the vendors in the market I did last fall. She told me that one of the other vendors had yarn things that she did not even look at because of the smell of cigarette smoke. I wonder if any one knows how to get the cigarette smoke smell out of yarn.

I don't smoke any more. And since I had surgery on my head a few years ago, I cannot smell things any more, either. And here on the beach, everything takes on a beachy smell, if you are not on top of things. So I have been careful with my caps. I store them in a plastic bin. Until recently, I put several spare pillowcases with about 4 or 5 drops of lavender oil on them in the cap bin. Lately, I switched to dryer sheets.

I was wondering if any one else had a thought on this subject. I would like to know what other knitters out there do for the problem. Or if the only people who have the problem are smokers and/or coast dwellers. Thanks.

Happy knitting. Granny LJ

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Comment by ice on March 7, 2009 at 9:25am
I get my Lavender, Muslin Bags etc. on line through I suppose you could get it at your local craft store too.
Comment by Mrs. K on March 7, 2009 at 1:03am
Cigarette smoke, what a thought! My hubby smokes and I simply hate it. But he's tried so hard so often to stop that I have accepted that it's something that won't change for a LONG time.
I never thought of smoke in the yarns, though. What I tend to do is to knit wherever I go. Seeing I take my knitting with me everywhere, I make sure to wash all garments before passing them on or putting them away. And seeing my DH smokes mainly downstairs and never in the bedroom (with my own "mouse hole" being an adjecent half room to it), I haven't noticed smoky smell on my garments so far.

But the lavender and lavender bags are a wonderful idea. I will definitely try that. But first I'll have a look around for lavender bags (or other wonderful smells). I've got a lovely pine chest of drawers that gives everything that fresh smell, anyway. But one of the drawers is / can be empty for all the nice things I have knitted but not yet given to anybody (or myself).

Thanks for the tip and making me think about the smell, too!
Comment by ice on March 5, 2009 at 10:00am
Thanks for the reply. I plan to add some of my hints on my blog! Getting to it is the problem. I thought we would have more time to do things when retired, but, time races by! When traveling John and I prefer to stay in State Parks for they are so much nicer than the regular RV parks. More privacy, and much more pleasant to walk around in!
Happy knitting and speedy finish on your caps, and, until next time
Comment by Granny LJ on March 5, 2009 at 8:41am
PS: We are lucky to have some good yarn shops in the area, too. In the Aquarium Village in South Beach, Newport, is Yarn for All Seasons. In Lincoln City, north of Newport is Nestucca Bay Yarns. Both these shops have internet sites. There is also one north of Florence (about 10 miles south of Yachats). It is a neat yarn shop whose name escapes me right now. This one is about 4 miles north of Florence and on the west side of the highway. And last, but not by any means the least, is Fiber Market and Studio. This is owned by Kristy Bellavita, and it features her own hand spun yarns and gear for spinners, as well. Recently one of my spinning friends told me that she was going to start showing at Fiber Market and Studio.

That is about all I can think of here in Lincoln County. Over in the Valley, though, there are some good yarn shops and I would be happy to do the research for you when you get to Oregon, if you want.

Thanks again for your help with the aroma issue. Will be digging out my cedar chest this week. Or maybe next week. I have 4 caps that need topping before the first of the week. Good knitting. Granny LJ
Comment by Granny LJ on March 4, 2009 at 3:44pm
Dear Ingrid ICE,

Thanks for the suggestions. As I was reading your note, I suddenly remembered that I have my mother's cedar chest which is pretty empty, though there are a lot of things piled on it right now. I am going to dig it out and move my finished caps to the cedar chest.

Thanks again for the suggestions. And if you do get to the Oregon coast, I am in Waldport, between Yachats and Newport. Despite logging there are some wonderful places to see. Yachats is right on top of some basalt cliffs and the tide pools are incredible. Cape Perpetua. The Sea Lion Caves. Shorebirds in Waldport. The Aquarium and the Hatfield Marine Sciences Center. For shopping, the bay front in Newport is a good place and also in Nye Beach in Newport. One of the pluses of being here is that the beaches are not all that crowded even in tourist season. So long beach walks are possible.

Well, so much for my efforts at being a chamber of commerce for Lincoln County. Thanks again for your suggestions. I really appreciate them. Good knitting. Granny LJ
Comment by ice on March 3, 2009 at 9:41am
Hello Granny LJ,
All my Yarn Stash and In Use Yarn is stored in a container with a sachet of Lavender (I knit up the little bags with Left Over Yarn Bits, to go over the muslin baggie that holds the dried Lavender) + a Cedar Wood Egg. . Never had problems with smoke odor. Both my husband and I smoke and yes we do enjoy a smoke after lunch, tea and dinner. We travel around in our RV and since I knit by the fire at night, smoke creeps into the yarn. Same for beach! This is why, once I finish a project, I wash it in Eucalan Lavender or Eucalyptus add a Lavender baggie and an CWEgg. Our daughters and daughters in law do not smoke, so I am careful of their wishes that none of the knitted items coming from GrandpaE and GrandmaE smell of smoke, cigarettes, pipe, campfire and/or any odor that could be offensdive to someone else. Perhaps some people do object the Lavender or Cedar order, but, none in our family does. Until then I keep using what I have been using for years!
So far we have 6 grandchildren 3 boys and 3 girls, ranging in age from 1 yr to 14. We are expecting 2 more, one should be arriving around May 15 (son and daughter in law) and the other around June 14 (daughter and son in law).....I have one baby blanket done and one to go!
Would like to hear from you!
The west coast is on our next itinerary.
Ingrid ICE

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