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Returning Borrowed Patterns with "Extras" - Need your thoughts...

When I find a good method, trick, hint, etc. I find it frustrating to remember that "hint" while working on another pattern and can't for the life of me remember where I saw/used that trick! So, I started printing those little tidbits on label sheets, and affixing them to the inside of the covers of pattern books where I think that I may use the trick in the future.
For example, Cat Bordhi has a great Elastic Bind-Off in her Treasury of Magical Knitting that I love to use when binding off my lace work. (page 24) I have a mental block and can never remember how the bind-off goes, so I usually have to look it up. To aid in my old age, I put the pattern for that particular bind-off on labels (with a reference to which book I found it in) and stuck the label inside the cover of all of my lace pattern books. No more searching and bad memory!
I was wondering, if I borrowed a pattern book (say lace patterns), do you think that the owner of the book would be pleased to receive one of those labels, with a note about placing it in her book if she saw fit? I would never "stick" the label on, but possibly paper clip it (on that waxy backing) along with a note on the cover.
Good idea? Or, does it come across as too pushy? Your thoughts are appreciated!

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Comment by Christine Sloat on April 2, 2009 at 7:56am
Thanks for all of the advice. I too put my working copies (with all of my little notes) in plastic sleeves in binders. Instead of printing back-to-back, I leave the back of the copy blank. That is where I write down when I did the pattern, what yarn I used (and if I remember, where I got it), and what happened to the finished piece (kept it for myself, gave it away to "Joe" as a gift, etc.) Then, in my pattern book, I use those little colored stickers (you see them at garage sales) and put a sticker next to the pattern title. That tells me that I have a copy and information in my binder.
Comment by Terry on April 2, 2009 at 2:35am
It's a very helpful offer. After all, most avid knitters experience that aggravation at one time or another.
Here's a trick I started using to help avoid my 'senior moments' of memory loss: Whenever I find a pattern that I love and will probably use again, I just scan it into my computer, save the doc, then print off a copy, I tuck the printed copy into a plastic sleeve and add it to one of my 3-ring binders. I have three binders so far, each divided into sections for different garments or projects, and it is so helpful to browse through the patterns until the one I need appears. Also, when I run across a new pattern on the net or in a book borrowed from the public library, I do the same thing. I've recently begun to photograph my finished projects, then type up the pattern and add the photo to it, then print it off and add that to my binder. Of course I still save a copy on my computer just in case. Hope this helps you with organizing your patterns. Cheers and happy knitting!
Comment by Susan the Blue Lake Knitter on April 1, 2009 at 6:49pm
If someone did a favor like that for me I'd be tickled to death!
Comment by Knit4Many on April 1, 2009 at 6:34pm
If it was me I would love it. I always like finding something new or even being reminded of something that maybe I forgotten. I think even is she didn't stick it to her book she would appreciated the gesture.Your just sharing. I think its a good idea.

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