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So the other week i bought my first mawata.  it is gorgeous.  i am trying to make the helix scarf with it.  i am not sure how i am doing, but it seems to be coming along.drafting is proving interesting.  i have never spun or drafted before, but this seems like a good place to start to get a feel for fiber.  granted, it is sticky and catches on everything; including air; but the fibers are long, which makes it a little more difficult to not pull them apart.  stay tuned for an update.


socks.  awhile back i started tehse purple socks and made them HUGE widthwise.  so i frogged them.  about a month ago i started a new pair with Felici Sorcery.  Cast on 3 different times.  got to the last 2 color changes and realized that 1. they were HUGE widthwise, and also the leg would only be about 2" from teh ankle.  not cool.  so frogged again.

I wear a size 9.5-10 and can sometimes wear a wide width shoe.  I want to just make a plain vanilla stockinette stitch sock. I have been using melissa morgan oakes toe up 2aat book.  so i cast on this time about 8 fewer stitches and dropped a needle size. i just want to wear my damn socks.  so i think i am on the 4th row of increases as we speak.


I am waiting for my yarn to start the Central Park Hoodie. i have been waiting for 2 weeks now... my needles are twitching.


life decision...

I am in the process of quitting my job.  I say process because i am a big ol chicken when it comes to confronting people (including saying "here is my notice")  I have great people supporting me and cheering me on.  there is a worry about money- especially since Issue 5 here in Ohio - also known as the union collective bargaining bill- also includes things that will affect non-union workers, some government employees (including my husband) will be losing alot of their benefits.  But it is not about money per-se; but happiness.

this will also mean my little guy (4yo) will be taken out of daycare and i will be faced with the challenge of not killing him on a daily basis.


why can't life and decisions be simple????

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