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The whole reason I learned how to knit and crochet was so that I could make more of my own clothes. I always liked having unique stuff. I have always been notorious for altering my store-bought clothes to suit my own style. Pretty much the only things I don't change in some way are absolutely plain tees and tanks. I need those to layer under my sweaters, so they're useful as is.

Recently I realized that I wasn't living up to my expectations for making my own wardrobe. Sure, I knit and crochet A LOT of stuff. However, I give most of it away. I love, love, love designing and knitting hats, but I don't wear them. Funny, right? If I wore hats I'd love the ones I design. However, big curly hair and hats aren't the most compatible. Chris says I just need to make bigger hats to accomodate my hair. I think he might be right. If I wear the hats I make for him (24" circumference) they look pretty good on my hair and don't flatten it. I can always tuck all my hair under the hat. Now having had that revelation I'm going to make some large size hats for myself. We'll see if I end up wearing them.

One item I design, make, and actually wear are my shawls and wraps. Those get a lot of use from me. Good. Thumbs up. (I'm *really* looking forward to being able to wear the Certain Shade of Green Shawl, but I can't until I get some good pattern photos...) I have several more knit and crochet shawls and wraps planned for the future and have even started [slowly] working on an eBook collection of them. At least two of the designs in the Shades of Green Collection will be shawls.

Something I'd like to successfully design and wear? A super lightweight (around fingering weight) knit tee and/or camisole. This is going to be one of the next things I tackle. I'm thinking I might actually even include a lightweight top design in the Shades of Green Collection.

I don't wear handknit socks very often. Gasp! I know... But I'm really picky with my foot wear. I hate anything that remotely feels baggy or comes above my ankle bone. I like completely plain socks, which are pointless to "design" since plain is, well, plain and therefore kinda lacking the design element. There are so many better things I could be doing than short, plain socks. Like shawls, for instance. However, I do like slippers and slipper socks. I need to make myself a pair of my Simple Crochet Slippers. I did the pattern for Crochet. Mom did the sample because she wanted to take part. This was nice and helpful, but it means I don't have a pair of slippers. Dang.

Dwelling on wanting to make more of my own clothes led me to... (ready for this?) ... I want to learn to sew. As if I need something else to do! I'm not interested in sewing anything fancy. Basically my main objective is to make skirts. I like in skirts, jeans, or lounge pants. Jeans are out of the questions to make. Lounge/pajama pants seem like they could be doable at some point, but the skirts... Now they seem simple and very appealing. So, my plan? Sew myself some skirts and get on to designing some knit tops. ... And making those slippers!

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Comment by Erica Jackofsky on April 20, 2011 at 3:26pm
They are cute if I do say so myself. Every time I see my mom wearing them I wish for a pair of my own. I have no excuse. I know how to crochet lol
Comment by cherylbwaters on April 20, 2011 at 3:14pm
Those Simple Crochet Slippers may just be what I need for learning to crochet.

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