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I have not posted in a while, and seeing this is the only blog I keep, I suppose I should write a bit of something. I did sign up for the account right? Well then! My knitting has been a bit crazy lately. I have too many projects on various needles. A hat for my special needs student, who's not getting it until he behaves, a large blanket and sweater for my son, a prayer shawl and that lace shawl for myself and I just took off a baby blanket, and fingerless mitts for two different friends. I have also finished a hat and mittens for my son, but I have to redo the mittens cause he doesn't like the thumbs, he's only a year and a half, so he still likes to ball up his fists. Thank goodness I finished those in time since it got cold here in New Jersey very quickly the past couple of weeks. He still needs a scarf, but I don't have enough of the yarn I used for the mittens and hat.

I want to finish my sons things first, especially since he will grow out of his items, hence making them a 3T when he is just getting into a 2T now. I also splurged on another hank of Koigu for him... yes 13 bucks later, since I enjoyed how his first pair came out so much. I used the Gentleman's shooting socks pattern from knitting vintage socks. I only followed the stitch pattern, not so much the construction. I'll probably use another mens pattern out of there for his second pair.

Yes my son is fiber spoiled. He doesn't like acrylic yarns, although that's what his blankets are... luckily Vanna's Choice is soft enough. He likes to hold balls of yarn to his face to feel how they are, and then if he likes it he says "nice" and if he doesn't, then he just puts it down. He is also drawn to greens. He's just too cute. He'll ben knitting his own scarves by the time he's three!

I am also debating whether or not I should order my mom a set of options needles for Xmas... I don't exactly get along with my family members, I somewhat tolerate them. But it's a gift that she wants, my father has a habit of getting things that he likes that she hates. I suppose the thing is... I'm just tired of giving things or making things to people that really don't appreciate them. The fingerless mitts were really appreciated, they were from a beginning crocheter who hasn't gotten past scarves and needed something to keep warm when driving. My sister has always liked her gifts. She of course demands bigger and more intricate items, the next time I'm telling her to foot the yarn bill. And my son's father, love him to death, was a bit disappointed to hear, that his wool and silk blend socks (Gloss) were hand wash only. His was the only gift that was not knit from an acrylic yarn, who wants plastic on their toes anyway? Still, he loved them nonetheless. His next gift might be a throw for his apartment when he finally moves.

Anyway... that is it for now. I really need to get on making winter essentials for myself... like new mittens that fit better.

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