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Knitting on the Road – Haggerstown, MD

Note to all, as with the last post, this one should have come out already. However, I was once again working with pen and paper and finally got around to typing it up... Yes, I am moving rather slow.

You can read my Dad's notes on the weekend over at the Homegrown String Band blog: HERE

Sunday March 14, 2010
8:15 amWow... I'm exhausted. I think I went to bed last night at midnight. I don't remember if it was midnight before the time change, or if my mom had already moved the clocks ahead and it was not really midnight yet. Either way, I'm still tired right now. We had to be up at 7am, which felt like 6am because we sprung time ahead last night. I had set the alarm on my cell to go off at 7. When I heard it I was so unhappy I wanted desperately to through my phone on the floor. I didn't though. (Commend me for that one! It took a huge effort. Heheh) Instead of getting mad, I dragged my butt out of "bed" (I slept on a couch) and went to take a shower. Nobody else in my family was stirring yet, so I took the opportunity to get the first shower. There is 6 people in the house, 2 showers, and we all need to be out of here by 9am. Not too bad, but I know how slow certain people move in the shower. One of those people is me. I love me a good long, hot shower. My sister also takes forever and a day. We tell her we want to leave a half hour before we actually do otherwise we'd be late for gigs all the time. Being late for gigs is not fun. Trust me. Been there, done that.
We have a 3 hour drive to today's gig. Yikes. 3 hours there, then an hour for set up, a 90 minute show, a half hour/45 minutes to repack, and then a 6 hour drive home. We're figuring we'll be home around midnight. I'm even more tired just thinking about it. Zzzzz.... Need more sleep! Must get the fiddle wiggle on later regardless of energy levels.

11:00 am
Knit, knit, knit. It's the only thing that makes these car trips tolerable. I really want a book, though. Still having the craving to read. I'm going to have to do something about that before next weekend.
I finished the Polyphonic hat. Completely done! Was it even a full 24 hours since I started? Well, yes, it was, since I started the first attempt, but I had to rip everything out yesterday... so I guess it's been just about 24 hours. I enjoyed knitting on this one. The yarn helps a lot with that. Gorgeous stuff, but a very odd color. I don't even know how to describe it. You'll have to wait and see when the Musical Minds photos start appearing. Ha! Honestly, the hat looks pretty huge and that scares me a little. Chris has a big noggin', so it will most likely fit. It fits me like a slouchy beret. With all my massive curls that's not really a bad thing. Maybe I can make another and Chris and I can both model them. Hmmm.... Wouldn't that just be so cute?! (This is where my sister would say, "oh gag me.") The way I worked the crown decreases has me on the fence about whether I should rip the hat back or not. I'm going to leave it for now and see what Chris thinks.
Gig over and done! It went really well despite all of us being a little tired. Somehow we all managed to find energy on the way to the show and tap into it to get through. Now we're all packed up and ready to go home. I thought our show was going to be our typical 90 minute deal, but it turned out they wanted us to stick to an hour. That feels so weird. So short! So easy... I barely feel like I've worked. I'm glad today was the shorter concert and not yesterday. I'd say that worked itself out rather well. The crowd seemed to really enjoy the concert today. We've played in Haggerstown, MD before, so a few people mentioned having heard us in the past. I think we played here twice actually. Not this same venue, the last two times we played their concert in the park series. Or is it concerts by the lake...? I can't remember the official name, but they were outdoor summer shows in any event.
I took a photo of Polyphonic with my phone and sent it to Chris. He said that it looks awesome, but he agreed with me that the top might bunch in too much. We agreed that I would not weave in the ends and set the hat aside for now until he got to try it on and see what was up. Considering this collection was inspired by him and aimed at including the menfolk out there, he gets to have a big say in the end product.
The rest of the way home I'll be working on the black hat I started for Chris yesterday. I didn't think about this very well. I should have done the black hat during the daylight hours instead of holding that aside for night travel. Oh well. I can see fairly well with the overhead light on in the back seat. If that fails me than it'll be all up to my iPod to entertain me on the way home.

8:00 pm
We stopped at this awesomely cool rest area for dinner! Haha. Maybe not awesomely cool, but interesting. I took some photos. Anybody that's traveled through PA has probably seem Love's gas station and convenience store. Well, we pulled off the highway for food because we saw signs for Subway and McDonalds. It turned out that they were directly next to each other. In fact, they were attached. This was good because I really wanted a milkshake, but I won't eat any other food from McD's (except salad and I had salad for lunch). This stop was Love's gas station outside, and then the building was Love's convenience store, which opened into Subway, which opened into McDonald's. We went in through the Subway entrance, ordered our food, and sat down at a table. Then we noticed that every table had a phone mounted to it for making emergency and collect calls only. Then we looked up at the TV. Below it hung a sign with a digital display showing what shower number was now being served. Yes, shower.I grabbed my camera to snap a few photos. A minute later an announcement played over the sound system. It said, "whoever is smoking in the shower, put it out. You know who you are. Again, whoever is smoking in the shower, you know who you are, put it out. We can smell it out here." My family and I all exchanged looks and started laughing. Nice. I feel like I should have gone to check out where these showers were, but I didn't. The bathrooms were a little scary, the showers probably were too then.

I have been doing ok with the black hat under the overhead light. That makes me happy. I can't imagine tolerating a 6 hour trip with no knitting. I'm not that patient. No knitting and no book? No good!

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Comment by Erica Jackofsky on March 18, 2010 at 11:02am
Haha! My sister would LOVE those light hats! She's big into reading. I can totally see her wearing a hat. :o)
Yes, I do have an iPod touch. I never thought about writing notes on it though... Hmmm.... I can see it being good and bad. I type super fast on my laptop, so going slower on my ipod might make me write less, but it definitely worth a shot.
And yes, Love's is a truck stop type of thing, but still.... I find them very funny places to visit. Entertaining. Oh the stuff you can buy... I'm not even going to get into that. I think we can all imagine. ;o)
Comment by cherylbwaters on March 18, 2010 at 10:06am
Oops! I've been having trouble lately getting pictures to link. So click here for info on their hats.
Comment by cherylbwaters on March 18, 2010 at 10:03am
Here's my 3 suggestions:

1. You might want to invest in a book light or hat. Here's the one I have made by Panther Vison.

2. I forgot to ask on your last blog. Do you have an iPod Touch? If you do there is a note app. I will type up notes when I'm out and then email it to myself. Then all I have to do is some formatting instead of having to type the whole thing again.

3. Isn't Love's a truck stop. That would explain the phones on the tables and the "Now serving shower number ___"

You have certainly been busy knitting for someone on the road when it isn't vacation time. ♥c
Comment by Susan the Blue Lake Knitter on March 18, 2010 at 9:38am
Erica, Traveling stories are always so very interesting... even on a short trip you see things that just deserve at least one pic... serving shower no. 83, indeed. How very funny. Truck stops tend to be a bit strange because of their clientel... oh, well. So glad you were able to see the black yarn... right now I'm knitting with some Palette in Bittersweet Heather. At first glance is looks black, but on closer observation with bright light, it is a very dark brown with little pieces a lighter shade... and I can barely see it... very hard for the skps... LOL It sounds like your family is having a successful road trip, and that a following is developing... that IS good. --S

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