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Knitting Camp days 1&2 (originally written 6/16)

The kids and I arrived in Franklin, TN on Sunday around lunch time. We immediately began to prepare for DS1 and DS2 to attend soccer/science camp the following day. After heading to Publix for lunch goods, it was time for dinner and bed.

Monday morning, I dropped off the boys at their camp (could you hear the screams of joy?) and returned home for our knitting camp. There was a bit of a delay with DS3 wanting to eat. My DH and I also realized over the weekend that DS3 had outgrown his clothes and that we needed to take him shopping. So instead of knitting, it was off to Kohl's, Walmart and Target for baby bathing suits and pajamas. Can I tell you that no one is carrying baby PJs in 12 month sizes? We managed to find 3 pairs of pajamas. I'm hoping I can find a couple additional pair when I return home.

That evening, after the kids went to bed, we were finally able to begin knitting camp. We turned on EZ's Knitting Workshop. What a character! We didn't knit much, but we did learn a lot of different techniques from the few programs we watched. I'm not sure EZ would approve of the way I purl. I was excited that I properly tought myself her method of "making" a stitch. I love the way EZ would show a technique saying, "Some people do x this way. I'm not going to do it like that. I'm going to do x like this. . . ."

For knitting camp today, we went to Nashville's Haus of Yarn. We went there several months ago, and I have been thinking about a sweater I saw ever since. Today I purchased the pattern book and the yarn, both of which were on sale. I also purchased a size 15 knitting needle, which was not. I thought I had a size 13 needle, but I only have size 11. Oh well. I guess I'll have to hit another yarn store, darn it.

I'll have to tell you more tomorrow. My boys performed experiements with electricity at camp today, and they have decided to repeat these experiments in their bedroom. I probably should intervene before they burn the house down.

Till tomorrow.

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