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Knitting Camp with Mom continues. Well, sort of.

I drafted my last post on Tuesday evening. By that night, I had a heck of a migraine, completely derailing plans to knit with Mom that night. Wednesday morning, the migraine continued. In addition, my older two did not have camp that day because of thunderstorms. So, we had to postpone Knitting Camp until Thursday.

I have been able to get a fair amount of knitting done the last few days. I started knitting a Gecko for my nephew. The pattern ("Gotta Get a Gecko" by Fiber Trends) looked very intimidating when I first purchased it. The pattern is also knitted on double points, which I have never used before except to make I-cords. My friend H assured me that the pattern is very do-able. It is just very detailed. H was absolutely right. In this pattern, almost every line is knit differently, but the pattern itself is not hard. It's been a quick knit. I started knitting on Thursday, and I'm ready to bind off the head and begin to knit the legs. With a little time (and a little luck), I should be ready to felt it by mid-week.

Oh, and the yarn I'm using for the gecko is Nature Wool by Araucania. It's thick and has variegated shades of green. It's going to make a very cool gecko.

Before I forget, in my last post I mentioned my yarn and pattern purchase from the Haus of Yarn. I am so excited about knitting this sweater. The pattern is Chunky Little Jacket by Ella Rae Designs. Haus had knitted a sample in Magallanes Hand Dyed by Araucania Yarns. The yarn is variegated in various shades of bright pinks. I looked at that jacket and knew that it would look great on me. Now, the pattern and yarn are mine. (Insert wicked laugh here.) I'll have to post pictures of the yarn and pattern once I get home and have access to my DH's camera.

I've made a very cool observation recently - I actually can read patterns and understand what I am supposed to do. I even know how to make the stitches in the patterns. When I looked at the Ella Rae pattern for the jacket, I wasn't at all intimidated. There is one line that is a little unclear, but I think I've figured it out. I really feel proud at how far I've come since October.

Anyway, everyone is out of the house right now except for the baby. I'm going to take a few minutes to enjoy the quiet and play with the baby. I hope everyone has a Happy Father's Day!

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Comment by Mrs. K on June 21, 2009 at 10:36am
Sounds like you're having fun! Congratulations to your achievements in knitting since last year. Looks like nothing's going to stop you soon. GOOD :)

So excited to hear and see your new sweater when you start it. It's been so lovely seeing all your projects as you go along and share your excitement.

Go, girl - and say HI to your mum. I'm sure she loves having you around and the knit camp.

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