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I have been keeping busy at home fighting off a flu bug and knitting when I can and since this is mid-May in West Texas I am fully occupied at the office of our air conditioning business.

This weekend I finished knitting the front and back of the Lace Sampler Sweater in my previous blog. Huzzah! I misread the instructions and thought I was supposed to join both shoulder seams and knit the neck in the round. I love the way that has turned out and have one sleeve 3/4 complete and hope to finish it this evening, cast on the 2nd sleeve and be done with it by the end of the weekend.

I really hate sewing up what I have knitted, I can finish knitting something in no time, but sewing up just bogs me down! I decided to use a technique I know I have seen in some pattern book or technique workshop. After hunting up all my books and not finding a description of this, I resorted to my copy of Knit One Felt Too (I think), and in the back it has a 3 needle join. This took just a few minutes to join each of the shoulders by knitting one stitch from the front and one from the back together and then the next pair of stitches, one front and one back, and then passing the first stitch over as in a knit stitch cast off. The resulting "seam" is practically invisible and very soft.

Next up, a stole for the priest at my church. I am planning on modifying the Tallis pattern in The Prayer Shawl Companion to make a narrower stole in liturgical colors. I thought there was a miter shaping at the neckline, but upon reading the pattern again found it is just a straight shot. Each of our members of the Prayer Shawl Ministry will knit part of the stole in various colors and hopefully we can finish before Fr. Layne returns from his Medical Sabbatical. I hope we can all gather together once we have cast off and tie the fringes on together and pray together! Really looking forward to this project.

Also, my daughter graduates in a little under 3 weeks from high school so I should get her announcements and party invitations in the mail. Sigh. A mother's work is never done!

Just keep knitting, knitting (to the tune of Dora's "song" "Just Keep swimming, swimming" from Finding Nemo !

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Comment by cherylbwaters on May 11, 2010 at 9:56am
Ramona, it sounds like your knitting has just been moving along. The 3 needle join is a great join. I'm glad you found it in your books. The prayer shawl will be extra special to Fr. Layne since all of you will be knitting a part of it. Congratulations to your daughter and to you as well for getting her through high school. Even after they graduate a mother's work still isn't done. ♥c

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