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Well, it's Nov 1 and I survived Halloween! I dressed up in my costume and worked all morning, then came home, changed out of the costume that i could no longer BEAR to wear because if was roasting in it! I had about 30 minutes of rest (Sinus infection hit me on THursday!) before I headed in for Bobby's class party. That was a blast. It was the first party that I was able to attend since Bobby's K-4 Easter party. What a difference! Just as wild, but a lot more fun! After the party, we headed downtown. The members of the Chamber of Commerce all handed out goodies to the kids. I think Bobby's favorite was the Donut holes from the Donus shop. We also went to a few neighbors houses before we headed out to my mom's and brother's houses. WE had a blast and didn't get home until after 9. There were plenty of kids still T or t'ing when we came through town, but Bobby had passed out in the back seat before we even left Mom's house. he woke up long enough to crawl out of hte car, walk in the house, use the restroom, and crawl on the couch while pulling on a blanket. I wasn't goign to fight him at the point. But you know what? He was still up at 5:30 this morning. I did too, but I also laid back down on the couch at 6:30 and didn't wake up until after 8. Bobby was so good. He let me sleep all the time with no interruptions. But he may have been eating candy the whole time I slept. Oh, well. Halloween only comes once a year.

Ravelry is SOOOOOOOO addictive. I find myself on that site more than ANY other now! I can probably put my school stuff, shopping, gaming, blogging (DEFINITELY blogging), and just plain surfing all together and still log more Ravelry time. I need more hours in the day to RAVEL!

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