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Well, only 4 days until we are all stuffed to the gills with too much food once again! But that's what this time of the year is all about. Getting together with family and friends, eating good food, and talking about past get togethers and the ones yet to come. It will be a bit more than that this year. My husband's neice is having a baby in the Spring and since she lives in Florida (away from family), we are going to have a baby shower for her Thanksgiving afternoon. Makes sense to me since she's home and most of the family will be home as well. And getting all the loot home won't be a problem either. Her mother and grandmother are driving her home so getting all her baby gifts home won't be a problem.
I've been working hard on my Christmas gifts. I finished BObby's stocking hat and since he knew it was his and has been keeping an eye on, watching to see if it was done yet, I went ahead and gave it to him last week. He's thrilled with it and couldn't wait to wear it to school to show his teacher. I'm, so glad he likes it. Makes my heart sing! Still have quite a bit left to fnish on the OU scarf. I hadplanned for it to go to DDM, but that might change if his attitude doesn't. I realize that it's the end of the year and the stock market's not doing that great, but I'm not letting it get to me! Well, not too much anyway. (I only refuse to open my 401K papers!)
fall semester is coming to an end and I only have 1 chapter's homeowrk and test left for Algebra and the final exam for Speech. So really not much at all. I have to finish up Algebra next Sunday and then the Speech final is the week after. I'm not worried about either class. I have at least a B in both classes, if not better in Speech. I'm already signed up for 3 Spring classes and have preordered all my books. Noe just need that month off in between semesters to get some reading done. That's ONE thing that I've really missed this semester. I haven't had much time for reading
But then I found ravelry! Oh, ravelry! You're like a lover that just keeps claling me back! That... community, if you will, make syou feel so welcome! No matter what you have to say, no one takes offense! Which I love! I have so many people that interrupt me when I'm talking. Well, on Ravely, there are message boards. You can talk (type) for as long as you want and NO ONE CAN INTERRUPT! I LOVE IT! And tehre are SO MANY GREAT IDEAS! I could all day on there just looking at patterns! The forums are anothe favorite. I talk to peopel ALL OVER THE WORLD! And yet, I can find people from Bartelsville on there, as well! Talk about a small world!

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