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Hey everyone! Thanks for being here and taking part in this community! 

You can skip this paragraph because it's just rambling about the little things that pertain to my personality. Read if you'd like :) 

I'm Jenni. Some basics: Single mom to a 3-year-old Little Nova. She's smart as a whip and the biggest blessing my life has been given. I'm a freshman biology major and plan to go for my bachelors in microbiology. Maybe I'll take myself as far as specializing in astrobiology but I'll take what life hands me. Some of my core beliefs are in the teachings of The Buddha. Being that I'm a scientist at heart, I like that there are things he teaches that can be sturdied in the sciences; para or hard sciences. I also am an electronic cigarette user. I say that here because it's something I really wanted to quit and though I'm still trying to get rid of the addiction, I'm not intaking 4000+ chemicals every 15-20 minutes anymore. As I near on 30 in 2 years, I'm becoming more and more aware of what my body's telling me and lately I'm hearing that it's tired of all the toxics from junk food and cigarettes. Therefore, I'm on a mission to switch to a healthy, active, eco-friendly lifestyle. The environment is important to me as well. Not only the trees and rocks and what not. I mean corporate bullying of lands for American consumerism machines. Taking action against these companies is important to me because if we can get them to start the change to a natural manufacturing, we can all benefit exponentially. All humans, animals, plants and, well, our entire biosphere. 

The idea to learn how to knit at 27 came to me when I was looking for Waldorf dolls for my daughter. She was looking through all of the pictures on all of the sites I could find. I was prepared to drop close to $300 for one of these dolls because it's a really nice gift that she can hand down to her child and it's an old-school thought of hand-made goods. None the less, she didn't see one that she got excited about. She wants a specific look to her baby doll which isn't offered by any places. I'm not paying for custom because I have a hard time understanding her and conveying to the doll maker what she wants. Therefore, I started looking at how much it is to make one myself. What kind of gift would that be! Mommy made the dolly and she gets to hand it down to her baby when she's older. My heart is already glowing with the happy. 

As I did more research, I found knitting. That led me to Knit Picks. Now I'm addicted and I've spent more time on this site than I have on Facebook (I really don't spend too much time on Facebook either because I'm an online AND campus student. I haven't got the time). I'm now two orders in and practicing up a storm with some inexpensive brands of yarn. Tonight I'm feeling ready to try to make this knit hat I've been planning out. It's a basic ribbed bottom stockinette slouch hat. I've already gotten 3/4 of the way through my first magic loop round and it's looking much better than the first time. The weight I like is fingering. The heavier weights are just too much for me. I'll wear a slouch hat all day and any season so I like that lighter weight. I also like fingerless gloves that go just past my wrists. 

I'm excited to learn this art and progress in the world of knitting. Maybe someday soon I'll open up shop with my own patterns and share what I make with the world. Right now, I'm going to do some rounds, read more of the philosophy 101 text and try to get some sleep. Sleep and I haven't been simpatico for a while so I bet I could get half way through this hat and through a couple chapters before my brain finally crashes. Thanks for reading and I hope to talk to you all soon!

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