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Real life got in the way of knitting and quilting this week, as sometimes happens.

Sunny and I needed to be recertified for Delta Society/Therapy Animals of Utah. We had to run through a series of tasks to see how we respond to things that might happen in a setting where we provide therapy. Actually, Sunny provides the therapy; I'm just the weight at the end of the leash. Well, I also keep the list of the rooms in the nursing home we need to visit, take Sunny out for her "break," and lift her into people's laps or onto beds as needed. And I act as chauffeur. Sunny doesn't drive.

Another earthshaking event this week was the crash of my iPad. Yikes! Dummy me, I hadn't synced since before Thanksgiving (where did the time go?) and I wasn't doing the powering off routine properly. If you're online a lot (I am) you should power off every couple of days. I thought that involved pressing both power buttons until the red slider appears and using the slider to turn it off. Actually, you're supposed to hold in only the power button on the edge to power off for this procedure, not both. I sometimes spend hours every day on the Knitting Community, Ravelry, Quilt With Us, Facebook and other websites. Supposedly I can pick up a lot of junk that way. Thanks to the nice people at Apple, I was able to restart, sync and replace most of what I had lost, but I will be careful from now on! I pledge to power down every two days and sync once a week (when I water the plants)!

Thursday Vintage Stitchers met. It's mostly a quilting group, but some of the members knit as well. Julie (the professional machine quilter) had made this cute giraffe for her granddaughter, who often attends meetings with Julie:

I had my Daisy Chain quilt top finished and ready to show off:

It's from by Pam &Nicky Lintot.

Carol had finished the basket applique quilt top:

In other news, I had signed up to take "Sarak" around Park City. Who, you may ask, is Sarak? Listeners of The Knit Wits podcast will probably remember the stocking Carin agreed to knit, but it didn't work out. She eventually managed to knit a reasonable Christmas stocking for her client, but the aborted effort has taken on a life of its own, making rounds of the world and having adventures. Sarak has arrived in Park City, at my invitation, accompanied by some goodies provided by the last person she visited, Knittermama76 (Ravelry name). This might be reminiscent of loading up the mummy with goodies for the trip to the hereafter, but believe me, these treats will be enjoyed in this me! No curses accompany my acquisition of them, either!

I will have more photos of my adventures with Sarak this week.

Instead of my app of the week, I'm going to share how I deal with photos and links in my blog and on the Knit Picks Knitting Community and Connecting Threads Quilt With Us. For the time being, the iPad has some compatibility problems with these websites. You can't post photos or link to words without using code. I can't show you the code in the text, because it tries to carry it out and doesn't show up, so I took a photo:

I keep this on my iPad's yellow "Notes" notepad for copying and pasting into comments or to my blog.

I just finished listening to Audible's Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day by Winifred Watson and read by Frances McDormand, one of my favorite actresses. (Loved "Fargo," especially!) The book is a charming and funny story. On my Nook app is Debbie Macomber's Summer on Blossom Street, which includes some knitting, a nice addition to any novel.

The sewing machine I inherited from DSIL is humming along. I just needed to switch needles to get the tension right. It's an old-model Elna. It adjusts the tension automatically and works fine with the finer needle on quilting fabric. I have started a new quilt and am using the "new" machine, another 
Daisy Chain with '30s fabrics, similar to the one above. I can put away my wonderful little Featherweight and save it for classes, which will leave me more work surface in my fiber studio. The shawl I'm working on is coming along, as is the spinning, and there are lots more things in the works to be reported on later.

I want to wish a special happy birthday to one of my special friends and fellow knitter, spinner, wine enthusiast and dog lover, Susan the Blue Lake Knitter , whose birthday is this Friday. Susan brightens my day in the Knitting Community. I lift my glass to many more to come, Susan! It's better to have birthdays than not!

Note: This blog post was produced entirely on the iPad. No other computer was used in any stage of composition or posting, and no Windows were opened, waited for or cleaned.

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Comment by Peggy Stuart on February 19, 2011 at 6:25pm
Comment by parisribbons on February 19, 2011 at 10:54am
P.S. - By the way, I'm so relieved to know that Sunny doesn't drive. --J.
Comment by parisribbons on February 19, 2011 at 10:49am


I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one. I was beginning to think I was a flop

as an owner. So, Honey and Rocky are compadres. I feel much better. She can

just be my therapy dog. In that way I guess they're like us - can't make them be

someone they're not. Thanks for the information. -- Judith

Comment by Peggy Stuart on February 19, 2011 at 5:50am
Honey sounds like Rocky. He is perfect at home, but in the evaluation he did the same thing. Sunny sasses me at home and continually challenges me, but when we go to the nursing home or for the evaluation, she was perfect!
Comment by parisribbons on February 18, 2011 at 9:45pm


Just crawled out of my hole again. I wish Honey could be a therapy dog but I don't

think she will ever make it. She's very social and loves people and other dogs but

she's like a darned flea jumping around. She was the class dunce Thursday - refused

to do anything she was told and didn't want any treats. She'd been doing so well at

home. I haven't a clue what got into her. She has to go to class earlier next week

to work with the trainer. Oh, well.

The quilts are gorgeous and I love the little giraffe. I messed up my iPod touch a few

weeks ago and lost a bunch of data. At first I was really good about syncing and then

I got really overwhelmed and blew it.

I cannot believe that Daphne is 9 months old. She just gets more beautiful every day. 

Lucky you.   -- Judith

Comment by Peggy Stuart on February 17, 2011 at 5:59am
I think it's self-striping yarn.
Comment by KnitterGirl39 on February 16, 2011 at 6:30pm

I love the pictures:  my favorite quilt is the Daisy Chain Quilt.  The giraffe is so cute, I love how the stripes are on it. 

Comment by Debra Phifer on February 16, 2011 at 9:44am
Julies giraffe is adorable. Your quilt is huge and so many little squares. Nicely done. My favorite is the basket quilt. I love to make and display baskets. Love the way they smell too. Nice blog. Thanks!
Comment by Peggy Stuart on February 15, 2011 at 11:49am
There's enough, but when will I find the time?
Comment by Tara Addesa on February 15, 2011 at 11:32am
As ALWAYS E ERYTHINGS Amazing :))) & Beautiful !!! Especially Little Daphne :))) Ohhh Will She Lovee Her Pinky !! I Love Her Pinky lol lol (just Wondering If You Have E ough Delft Left to Make Pinky a Sweater??) am thinking Maybe Daphne like to have a Matching Sweater for Pinky?? Am sure I've got a new spare Ball of Delft in case You Don't .. Have to hit the Post This Week .. Let Me Know on FB (so I'll be Sure to See it) a ball of Anythings Nothing but an Envelope :)))) lol

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