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Me, Sammy and my wee little one have moved out FOR GOOD. It's too much living at your parents house with a baby... I'm an education major for god's sake, I don't need my mom telling me about development when I've taken all the latest classes and seminars on psychology and play and behavior! Sorry to all those grandma's out there, but seriously... times have changed. If my son wants to play with baby dolls and strollers than I will let him, in today's society it's perfectly alright in my book.

Any who. We are in a lovely old style apartment building on the second floor in the heart of the Ironbound Newark. It's a fixer upper but, what can you expect for so cheap? I actually like it, we have everything we need and little by little we're gonna fix it up (the landlord is even gonna let us paint).

The only bad thing is the pet hair EVERYWHERE, sorry to those pet owners, but I think the previous tenants were just dirty. It's only a two bedroom apartment, but the landlord said there were two cats and three dogs here, with two woman. I don't want to know, I just want the place clean. Thanks to deary Thomas and his mama's vacuum cleaner that will quickly happen.

I am at peace now. It feels good to be out on my own again, especially with Dino, he's doing much better now.

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Comment by EmilyVictoria on January 17, 2009 at 11:59am
Thanks, i was actually considering the curtains that knit picks has in their pattern section, and I am definitely going to purchase Mason Dixon knitting, I now need a really great wooly afghan for the sofa. And also two pillow covers done in a lace pattern.
Comment by Peggy Stuart on January 13, 2009 at 9:19pm
EV: Congratulations on your establishment of your own place. It sounds great. There's a saying about fish and relatiives...they both stink after about three days. The WORST thing is having two grown women in the same house. I've been on both ends of this kind of situation, and it's very trying for everyone.
I know what you mean by pet hair, too. Our old cat is black and white, so no matter what you wear, it shows! Thank heaven for poodles, though! They can get muddy, like any other dog, but they don't shed. Halleluia! I'm looking forward to seeing some home-decor-related knitting. Rugs? Curtains? Blankets and afghans? Lay it on me! Kisses to Dino. --Peggy

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