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Finally Making a Bigfoot shawl! And Blessing Preemies

Dear ones, In the last months I have done two things.
I finally found the Bigfoot shawl in a the comfort shawls book, It has been an adventure to knit!! I had gotten up to near 300 stitches on my first 2 tries, but the darned item began to spring like a slinky!!! I could not figure out why... so I went back to the start of the instructions and REread the neck. I am still not sure if I am doing this correctly but this time, the third try, it has stayed flat.
What they have you do is to elongate your neck cast on... so like 12 stitches have to be stretched out... and I did not know this... so before, i just did a normal cast on.
I do hope i am doing this right. I am happily buzzing along, though sloowly when the house is quiet, I am on row 16. I find that I can't retain the info easily so I have to rewrite the rows of lace knit on a post it in portions and slowly do them... must me the many meds i am on... brain drain!
I am so happy using my option wood KP circs with the 60" connector. I love the wood but today I will shop and may get the new zephyr. I hear nice things about them from the staff.. and i do like that there is some flexiblity. Mostly i do find when I knit and my eyes are tired the stripes in the wood blends in with the color of the yarn and I have issues seeing. Maybe clear will be good for me.
I was thinking... what if KP made PALE Yellow Zephyrs? Not that it is my color but it may help us who work with yarn that splits easily. And it may wake up my eyes!
What is near my heart is a Charity project I am doing with my tiny fiber group, we call ourselves "EWE-KNIT-TEA" ( say it fast! ) So, I am host and Including me, there are 4 of us. We have made a huge box of hats, booties, a couple blankets and I had to do at least ONE fruit hat.. that is my favorite baby gift to make. I will try to post pics of some of what we did. It is all going to CARLE foundation near Chicago, for their NICU premie unit.
My baby sons, 4, are in heaven, I have one daughter alive and grown. When i do something for premies I try to pour love in it and I think it is healing to my soul.
Bless you,

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Comment by Fibersofgrace on June 7, 2010 at 1:17pm
Thank you Amy! We held the box back to put in about 10 more pair of booties. It is going out this week to Carle Foundation. My daughter was only 36 weeks, but she had lots of issues with jaundice. Now she is 29 !!! I wish I could have known how to knit back then. How Old is your wee one?
Comment by Amy Green on May 12, 2010 at 4:58pm
Thank you Grace for sharing this blog! It blesses me to hear of others doing for preemies. I would have loved to have had a cap for my DD, especially since she was a preemie too. Now, she gets hats and gloves alot :)

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