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I'm heading out of town overnight BY MYSELF to take care of some family business. Yes, you did read that correctly. I will be without my husband and children for more than 24 hours. I will have two plane trips and an entire night in the hotel by myself to knit. Nirvana.

My big decision remains before me - what knitting to pack. Oh, the possibilities.

I will probably begin the Baby Surprise Jacket. As my faithful followers already know (all 3 of you - love you Mom, Dad and DH), I have been planning to knit the BSJ for my brother and SIL who are expecting their first child in July. I committed to completing the BSJ as part of the Counting the Omer Knit-A-Long on the Jewish Fiberaholics group on Ravelry, which means I have about 6 weeks to finish this project. Casting on is probably a good idea.

When I visited my folks in Tennessee, I came across the most yummy superwash yarn on sale at my mother's LYS. It is perfect for the BSJ:

I realized that I crossed a new line as a knitter when I made this purchase. Not only was it purchased in a LYS, but I purchased this yarn even though I had already purchased yarn for this project from another source.

While I could work solely on the BSJ during this trip, I'm concerned about getting bored doing only garter stitch since my current project is garter stitch. And what will I do if I have the overwhelming urge to throw the BSJ out the window?

Initially, I thought I could make a pair of socks. It may be a little soon after my latest sock fiasco, but I recently purchased from Knit PIcks the How to Knit Socks:Three Methods Made Easy by Edie Eckman. (I love book sales!) While visiting my parents, I even bought a long circular needle to learn magic loop sock knitting. Unfortunately, according to the Transportation Security Administration website, I did not pick my needle wisely. The circular needle I purchased has brass tips, and the TSA website recommends that a knitter carry only bamboo or plastic needles onto a plane. I'm not checking luggage, so any needles I have will have to come on the plane with me. I guess the magic loop sock knitting will have to wait.

I could bring a blanket I've been crocheting for several years. I think it's too big to carry on the plane. It's also not the most interesting pattern. It's one big granny square done on a smallish crochet needle (size G or H) in double stitch. I know - what was I thinking. My children will be parents before I finish this project. Unfortunately, I've done far too much work to frog it at this point. I really need to buckle down one weekend and just finish it. Maybe this winter.

I have a bunch of smaller projects, but I'm not sure they are appropriate because they are so close to being done. For example, I could pack the I-cord for the pink purse, but that seems a little silly. Besides, I hope to finish the I-cord tonight. I'm mostly finished with the modern baby blanket with the cursed corded strap. The intended recipient was born yesterday (and she is a cutie), and I can give it to her grandmother who is heading to see her next week. The baby bib has about an hour's worth of work, however. It's just not worth packing.

My nanny's son is expecting a daughter any day now. I had intended to knit her a baby bib, but I'm a little annoyed with my nanny. Her attendance rate is about 60 percent, and we're getting a little peeved.

I think what I may do is, and I can't believe I'm saying this, knit a scarf. I have most of a skein of very bulky yarn that I purchased on sale, and I think it should be enough to make a scarf that has lots of yarn overs. I really like one of the scarf patterns in Crazy Aunt Purl's Drunk, Divorced, and Covered in Cat Hair. Unfortunately, I loaned the book to a friend in mid-divorce. I may try to get that back tonight so I can take it with me. Anyway, the scarf would make sense because it's easy and would even use up some of my stash.

If I'm feeling very brave, perhaps I will take a loom with me and attempt to loom some socks. I know it's crazy talk, but maybe the change in scenery will change my luck with sock loom knitting. The looms also do not appear to be as threatening to TSA agents as the ferocious size 2 circular needles. I'm not sure how a TSA agent would feel about a looming pick, but I may take that chance.

At this point, I probably should focus on packing my suitcase and getting to bed. I expect the knitting will work itself out by morning. Have a great evening!

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Comment by Alicia on April 16, 2009 at 3:39am
I'm so jealous..way for that long and plane rides with no kids (not sure I remember what that's like!!)

Have a great time.
Comment by Susan the Blue Lake Knitter on April 15, 2009 at 7:48pm
Peachy, the last time I had to travel, I was able to take about three pair of socks, and actually completed one with no trouble, and got most of the way through the second pair. TSA changes their rules so often, it's amazing that knitters can take ANYTHING along for in flight knitting. I only own nickle and Harmony needles... so I may not be flying for a very long while.

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