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Christmas Project Progress -OR- The Joys(?) Of Chenille

I'm getting terribly close to completion on my Christmas projects!

The big gift, my mother's shawl, was finished up some time ago. I'd taken my first stab at a shawl earlier this year, when I turned a beautiful hank of undyed linen yarn purchased on my vacation to Alaska into a feather-and-fan delight using the free KP pattern. My mother admired it, and hinted that she'd like her own - but a little larger, please.
I took the hint, and picked up a pile of cream colored, organic cotton yarn. She's allergic to all animal fibers, but this stuff would soothe any sensitive skin. I can't wait to watch her unwrap it!

A simple striped scarf for my brother's girlfriend is drying right now. It's a lovely burgundy-and-dark-silver combination that will match with the jewelry my brother's getting her. Yay for themed giving!

The last item on my list is a pair of chenille fingerless gloves for my best friend. I'm whipping them up in Touch Me, but I'm starting to discover why so many other people have given up on chenille - worming!

Here's my dilemma:
I have the first glove done, but it's already worming terribly from top to bottom. So many little bits I just can't seem to tug back into place! I've finished the wrist ribbing on the second glove, and so far, it's looking a lot better than the first. I think I was just sloppy while knitting the first, and my tension varied too much.

Now, I understand that this yarn felts a little, and while I did felt a tiny swatch, it really is too small for me to get a good idea of how the whole glove will turn out (shame on me!). So, should I:

A) Felt the first glove, see if that fixes the worming, and just knit another glove if it doesn't turn out (I have just barely enough yarn)


B) Unravel the first, trusting that I'll do it better this time, and just re-do it?

So hard to decide! If I choose A, I'm worried that the gloves will end up looking mismatched anyway, since the second glove looks so much better than the first (so far). But if I choose B, that's a fair bit of work I have to re-do. Hrm...

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Comment by Firebringer on December 21, 2009 at 1:19pm
Thanks, Kate! =) I'll try to take a picture when I get home tonight - the difference between the two gloves is pretty noticable. The second one is knitting up quite neatly so far, so I'm pretty sure it's just knitter error going on here.

I completed a pair of gloves in the same yarn for myself a while back, but didn't felt them. So I'm familiar with the yarn but not how it reacts to felting (or more precisely, how much felting it can cover up ;)). I'll try to post those pics tonight!

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