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Mele Kalikimaka and Hau'oli Makahiki Hou (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!)

This is my very first post on KP so what a great way to end 2010!  As I can't yet post these Xmas gifts on my personal blog, I thought I'd post them here since my recipients are not knitters so I don't think they'll find these photos to spoil the fun :)

Starting on Christmas Eve evening, my hubby and I are traveling for the holidays, so I'll be 'offline' until the new year.  Our Godson is getting baptized on an evening service at his mother's family church on January 1, 2011 and we decided to make a whole week's holiday between Christmas and New Years. I knitted up some small items for our Godson's family and had a great time making them. I love them all so much that I want a set of everything just for me! I tried my hand at hats, fingerless gloves, neckwarmer as well as my normal socks, so I'm excited to give them away as gifts.


'Maya's Swiss Socks' features the Swiss flag along with Maya's initials.  Maya and her husband Andy have been great friends of ours for nearly a decade and their son, Kai, is our soon-to-be-baptized Godson. Maya was born in Japan but was raised in Switzerland and I thought she'd enjoy a pair of socks with her native Swiss flag.  These socks were knitted with KP's Essential yarn in Bare and Stroll Tonal in Gypsy.


For Maya's dad, Walti, I made a pair of mens socks in KP's Stroll (Essential). The color is either Timber or Oak but was discontinued. Walti never bought store-made wool socks because his mother knitted them for him, but when she passed he had to buy them from the store. When I heard that, I just had to make him a pair :)

For Maya's step-mom, Beata, I spun some Superwash BFL into a sportweight 2-ply and made her a cabled neckwarmer. There is a center cable running down the middle though it's hard to see in the photo. I think I might have to make one of these for me too!

For Maya's mom, Yuki, I made a pair of fingerless gloves knitted with Susan Booth's hand-dyed laceweight yarn. I held 2 strands together for the pattern which called for fingering weight yarn. The pattern is on KP called: White Caps Fingerless Gloves. Susan's etsy store is: and her yarn is just lovely. I might have to make a pair for me as well. . .


Maya's sister, Aiko, gets a pair of fingerless gloves as well. I held 2 strands of KP's Stroll yarn in Black to get worsted weight yarn (I only had fingering in my stash). Thanks to Nutty and Cowgirl for giving me the inspiration and courage to knit a pair of mitts! I actually knitted this pair first then moved onto the ones above.


Maya's 4-year old daughter, Lani, gets a cabled hat made with KP's Cotlin yarn (DK) weight. Though Lani's favorite color is blue, I hope she doesn't mind a pink hat :)

And lastly, our godson, Kai, gets a custom made hat for his 2-year old head. These were knitted with Lion Brand Wool-ease yarn in black, gray and green. My hubby says it's a 'boy' hat with those colors and hopefully his name can be seen in the stitching.

Christmas came early for me this year since we are traveling, and my hubby and family pitched in to buy me a spinning wheel! Please meet Leialoha (lay-aloha, means 'beloved child' in Hawaiian) a double treadle Ashford Joy spinning wheel. She's absolutely amazing and I'm having a great time learning. So far I've spun up KP's Peruvian wool, Superwash BFL,  Merino/Bamboo blend and just spun up a long Corriedale single and completed my very first chain ply! It was a bit strange getting started, but once I get the rhythm going it wasn't too difficult.  I've got some dark colored Corriedale, Churro, Churro/Alpaca and Cashmere/Silk fiber coming as well and can't wait to spin those up. Wheeeeeee!!!


Since it's Christmas, I have a couple things to suggest as Christmas gifts (or after-Christmas gifts) that are kinda special.

First, this year Walti (who is getting the brown socks above), published a book entitled,B Useless ;-), which chronicles his comical professional career that spans decades as well as continents. The tagline on the cover of the book reads "STRIVING TO BE ALWAYS USEFUL TO THE WORLD MIGHT BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH". (Reminds me of the H-word we were blogging about this past summer: hwrk). I've been reading this book every night before I go to bed and find myself laughing hysterically at Walti's antics, his professional experiences as well as his insight as to why somethings are completely useless and others that seem useless do have a purpose. Having met Walti numerous times, this book completely embodies his optimistic-carefree-spirited personality and is a joy to read. On the cover are Walti and Lani (the one who is getting a pink hat for Xmas). B Useless ;-) is available online at and Barnes and Noble.


The second gift idea is a bit more personal to me. Having worked in Production Management for Feature Animated films for over a decade, my last project opened this year in theaters.  DESPICABLE ME opened in the US this summer and around the world during the summer/fall months. It did very well in the box office - over half a million - which is almost unheard of for a film coming from a newbie studio like Universal (these numbers are more expected from the veteran studios like DreamWorks or Pixar).  'DM' is a fun and endearing movie about 3 orphan girls who 'steal' the heart of a lovable villain and was released on DVD/Blu-Ray in the US on December 14th.   As a rule, I don't usually like to watch the movies I've worked on for at least a few years, but I think I'll break my rule on this one.  If you have young ones - or are young at heart - check out this movie.  I am listed in the end credits as one of 3 Production Managers. My name is the one in the middle :)

Happy Christmas and New Year to all and thank you for your friendship and support this past year!

I'll be back online in January :)


My very best,

christina | AlohaBlu

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Comment by wendy on March 1, 2011 at 8:13pm

Ah I remember watching this last spring.  It is pretty cool, to say the least. 

I will look for the pineapple, steam, etc.

Comment by Peggy Stuart on March 1, 2011 at 5:25pm
Look for the pineapple on the table that makes a tunnel for the train: completely CG added by DS1! He also provided some steam, smoke, extra flowers and other interesting stuff.
All the knitted outfits were knitted in small scale by the same lady. Check this out:
Comment by wendy on February 27, 2011 at 12:48pm
Funny you should mention that.  I picked up Coraline just the other night, because I thought we were going to get snowed in again.  It's on my hope to watch list today.  DH is at work, so I usually spend those days listening to podcasts or music.  I know my DD loved the movie.  She watched it several times.  She was fascinated by it.
Comment by Peggy Stuart on February 27, 2011 at 11:54am
Don't forget to watch for Peter if you watch Coraline or The Wild.
Comment by christina | AlohaBlu on February 27, 2011 at 11:32am
Ah! i can't wait to tell Jake you saw his name :) He'll get a kick out of it. LOL - yes, we measure how long it takes to get places by time, not by distance. My last job was 18 miles away from where I live and took about an hour to get there during the week. And when it rains (or hails like yesterday) traffic pretty much stops. . .
Comment by wendy on February 27, 2011 at 11:09am
Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you.  While searching for an appropriate baby toy to knit for a friend, I ran across some very cute minion patterns on ravelry.  Have you seen them?  Definitely making one for my Agnes loving daughter!  They're in my fav catagory, if you don't want to have to hunt them down.  I try to stay off ravelryas much as possible, as it gobbles up way too much of my time.
Comment by wendy on February 27, 2011 at 11:06am
Christina, I don't know how I missed your last reply, but that is pretty funny! Well not so, if you're the one getting tapped. It reminds me of a story my oldest told me over her Christmas break. One of her sororitiy sisters/good friend/cohort was driving to her student teaching placement very early one morning. She had been up all night the night before planning (lots and lots of planning if you teach) and was exhausted. While sitting at a traffic light, she momentarily fell asleep at the wheel, and her foot came off the brake peddle. She ended up hitting the car in front of her. Just who's car was in front of her? That's right, a policeman's. Poor girl.

It has been a number of years since I've been to Ca, but I have never driven while there. I put the seat in as flat a position as possible until I get the all clear from my DH. We went to visit friends who lived near San Franscisco one year, when we asked them how far it was to the Golden Gate Bridge, they told us it was 45 minutes. So we asked them again, thinking they hadn't heard us correctly. They again told us 45 minutes, that nothing was measured in miles, only how long it took to get there. Unbelieveable!

I wanted to let you know that I watched Astro Boy just last week. I really enjoyed it, loved the message, and saw your DH's name proudly listed all by itself, and thought to myself "how cool is that?"
Comment by christina | AlohaBlu on January 16, 2011 at 6:59pm

LOL! I once saw a man using his electric razor while driving. A former colleague of mine had 3 rear-end accidents (just taps, not big accidents) because she was eating cereal with milk in a bowl while driving to work in the morning. We are completely nuts out here. My hubby thought Hawaii traffic was terrible and I would just laugh and tell him to wait until he drives in LA. Being from Ohio, LA traffic is my hubby's biggest pet peeve. 

Ah, I grew up near San Bernardino (and my folks still live there) so I'm familiar with that drive. Once you're outside of LA proper it gets better, but since LA county alone houses 9 million people, traffic will always be a nightmare.

Comment by wendy on January 16, 2011 at 5:39pm

Christina, this sounds very interesting, and I can see why it is not easy to answer either.  I'll bet it is exciting as well as being stressful as you say.  I'll have to check out Astro Boy as well.  These jobs sound really intriguing. 

My youngest is very talented artistically, unfortunately she is not persuing that in college.  I'm not sure if it is a good thing or not. The art instructor she's had since she was in 1st grade thinks she very talented, but also said it is a nice thing to keep her art work for herself.  Something she can do just for her.   

From the looks of your fiber work, this could be your other job.  Seriously!  I've never been able to knit when I'm the driver, too many distractions for me.  But I knit all the time in the car these days if I'm the passenger.  You're knitting on the freeway reminds me of the 1st time I went to California.  My DSIL lives between LA and San Bernadino.  We waited until 7:00 pm. to continue our travels west.  I nearly had a heart attack while on the freeway.  I saw people reading the paper, putting on mascara and not kidding - brushing their teeth.  And these were the drivers!  I put my seat back, and told my DH to tell me when we were out of the rat race - lol.

Comment by christina | AlohaBlu on January 12, 2011 at 9:57am
that's so cool Peggy! I love CG FX and that was one of the dept's I managed on Shark Tale. I find it very dynamic!

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