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On Sunday we went carbooting for the first time in ages. Well I got lucky and found the main things I was after, and loads more. I got 3 huge real silk scarves from an Indian lady who seemed to be selling her entire wardrobe. These are to fray out and add to wool. I've decided to blend some of each colour with white wool, so it will have shimmery white, peach and red flecks. I also got a Sari length of red silk, woven with gold design. I think I will make cushion covers with this. I got the whole lot for £1.50.

At the last minute I spotted a big bag of wools for £2.50 which I got it for £2. It contained about 25 ozs of assorted wool. Two of the 50 gm balls are white mohair, one with gold thread and one with silver thread running through it. I'm wondering if I could make a small shawl or similar using them together - needs a bit of thought!

I have only managed to finished a hat for myself this week. It has been undone and reknitted at least 3 times as I wasn't happy with the tension, so had to keep trying different needle sizes till I got it right. It is made from the grey disappointing batch of home dyeing shown in my Dyeing Blog the other day . It isn't the most exciting of hats, but it will look good with my new grey corduroy coat. As it was spun from Jacob and still feels slightly tacky, it will be waterproof and ideal for the weather we are having in the South of England at the moment.

I have been up in the loft AGAIN and brought down 3 huge bags of yarns, and have sat balling them all up with my ball winder.

I find they take up less space in the bags when stored, and can't roll out so easily. I like them all wound with the winder as it is easy to compare sizes and after a while you get an eye for what you can make with each ball. I can instantly see a certain size ball as a future pair of mitts or socks maybe. I also like the fact that you can knit 2 socks, mitts or sleeves at the same time simply by casting on from the outside of the ball for one, and the inside of the ball for the other. I can also post little reminders in the middle of the ball, to record its weight or yarn details.

I have been going through my hobby drawers and came across a boxed Daisy Wheel. This one dates back to my childhood and I don't know if you can still buy them. Luckily the instructions are still in the box. I found an old book of Afghan Patterns the other day dating from 1932. The Afghan and its matching pillow on the cover are made with a Daisy Wheel, so I won't be able to resist having a go at making something.

I also found a bit more treasure - some large safety pins specially for saving stitches on, and a kilt pin. I can see them coming in very useful.

The shape of the pins reminded me of something my gran used to do on a hooped needle.I don't know what it was called, but you ended up with a long crochet chain with lots of long loops on either side. You then joined the loops going round and round to make a circular shawl, or joined back and forth in rows to make a scarf. I have tried to recreate what I mean with one of the safety pins and maybe somebody knows what I am on about, or whether you can still buy these pins. Maybe I can adapt a metal coat hanger or maybe bend an old plastic.knitting needle over heat.

. I think I have run out of time this afternoon so won't be able to listen to Kelley's podcasts. I have only got one project on the go at the moment, which is a pair of socks for Eddie's granddaughter.

I realise that I may have a problem persuading the menfolk to try my homespun socks, as they all seem to be frightened of washing them. I've suggested wearing them while showering and stamping around in them a bit to loosen any dirt etc, and then to gently wring out and roll in a towel and hang up and dry overnight. My sons both say 'I'm not wearing those' as if they would give them the plague or something.

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Comment by Susan the Blue Lake Knitter on October 6, 2009 at 5:23pm
Great finds with the scarves and wool. Congratulations! I recognize the hat from the dyed yarn you showed last time. It looks very nice. I love the idea of doing the Hairpin Lace, but have honestly never tried it. It doesn't look to difficult. I have a book somewhere that shows how to do this.

I tried some of you dyeing techniques last weekend and they worked great! I posted a blog the other day. Really appreciate the advice. Thanks, --S
Comment by PickleSue on October 6, 2009 at 11:20am
Barbara- Your silk and wool finds sound wonderful!! I didn't know you could 'unweave' silk to add it to your wool roving. Sounds amazing!! The craft you're talking about your gran used to do?? I think it looks like hairpin lace. A good site is HERE. The tutorial is fun to look at. I have some of the pins I've gotten at the thrift store- I don't know if they're still available new. I haven't ever made anything with mine!! Even though now I know where some patterns are! Thanks for sharing your pictures!! -Peggy (AKA Pickles)

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