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We seem to be getting back into a routine now that Maisie our new Scottie puppy is housetrained. I've even had the spinning wheel out this week. The first day she barked at it. The next day she tried to operate the foot pedal herself, then fell asleep with her head right underneath the foot pedal which wasn't very helpful. Now she just falls asleep by the side of it.

I decided I really must finish all the half spun bags of fleece & fibres that I started last year, so I can start some new projects without feeling guilty. I also unpicked a couple of things I wasn't happy with.

I finished the Christmas Manx wool hats for friend Carole & her husband Mal and posted off to Isle of Man, along with Carole's birthday presents. My email to her explaining what was what went to wrong mailbox, so they opened their Christmas hats as well. Never mind, it was cold enough to need them and I can make something else for them I hope.

Carole's hat using washed fleece that had red ID mark on it.

Mal's hat with a row of black sheep. I asked my son if they looked like sheep and he said he thought they were Space Invaders!!!

My next 'make' was a pair of Danu socks from July 2010 YarnForward mag. I made them from Fawn Merino and Bamboo blend which I spun. I must admit that I got a bit bored with the cable part of the pattern and only did the cuffs/ankles in it, and then just continued the cable stitches down the sock as straight lines. I think it works quite well. I was making these for Eddie, but he says he doesn't want them, but sat and modelled them for me!!

I then tried some Meadowlands socks from pattern downloaded free off the internet. The pattern is Trellis Lace and is such a nice stressless pattern to knit. I tried the Cedar Expansion heel, but didn't like it so unpicked and did a conventional heel. They seemed to knit up in no time and look really lovely on. The cross ribbing cuff also gives a fairly firm grip unlike ordinary single rib. The lovely variegated yarn was from a cone of synthetic that I had when I used to do machine knitting.

I enjoyed knitting the previous Meadowlands socks so much I decided to have a go at knitting them as a toe-up sock as the pattern said this was possible. It was just so easy, it was unbelievable. This pair is made from turquoise Merino blended with Samoyed fur that I spun. Both pairs of socks are so light you can hardly feel them.

My last item for this Blog was a scarf/shawl in Lattice Lace pattern again, to use up all the leftover yarn I had spun from the Texel cross fleece which I found a bit on the harsh side. My schoolfriend Mary whose sister sold me the fleece doesn't mind the roughness, so I will give it to her. You can't tell from the photo, but it is very generous 14" wide and extremely warm. The yellow wool is the colour just as the yarn comes off the fleece, the heather wool is remains from first experiment at home dyed wool, as is the darker mottled purple, which was a prickly hat I made and later unpicked. If Mary doesn't want it, then it will be lovely and warm to quickly wrap around myself while waiting for Maisie & Mac to come back indoors on a cold day. And here

is one of my favourite pics of Maisie.

I was going to finish there, but thought you might like to have a little laugh at my expense - nothing to do with spinning or knitting!

Last week I went to the dentist and as I lay down in the chair noticed to my horror that I was wearing one black shoe with heels, and a brown wedge heel shoe. Mortified I quickly crossed my legs at the ankles to try and hide the fact. After treatment was complete I stood up and dangled my handbag at ankle height and shuffled with pigeon steps out of the surgery. God knows what the dentist and nurse thought. I had to repeat the handbag screen & shuffle as I went through Reception so the receptionist and two waiting patients wouldn't notice. Nobody saw me dash to my car. When I got home and told my son he was creased up with laughter. My friends thought it was hilarious and Mary who had to go to the dentist herself yesterday said she nearly got a fit of the giggles with all the instruments in her mouth and had to keep looking down at her feet to check she hadn't done the same thing.

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Comment by Peggy Stuart on November 7, 2010 at 6:52am
I guess some of us have sheep on the brain!
Comment by Beverly Roberts on November 6, 2010 at 12:57pm
Lovely knitting, especially the hat with Black sheep. Maisie is so cute, too bad we can't reach out and touch through our PC screens ;-) The two different shoes, my sympathy and laughter (snort, snort). Haven't done that yet, but I have driven to the store, turned off the ignition, started to leave my car only to realize that 1) I forgot to put on a bra (never wear one at home); and 2) forgot to trade my slippers for a pair of shoes!.
Comment by Amy Green on November 5, 2010 at 7:21pm
Love it all! I definitely think Mal's hat looks like sheep, but the Space Invaders reference made me giggle! I love the socks and shawl as well.

Never had the wrong shoe issue YET, but definitely wrong colored
Comment by KnitterGirl39 on November 5, 2010 at 1:13pm
You sure have been busy and what a cutie Maisie is!
Comment by Susan the Blue Lake Knitter on November 5, 2010 at 11:20am
Barbara, Wonderful blog. Your projects are great as usual... great socks (one and all)... and Maisie, is a doll!

Probably no one noticed your shoes, but that would make me feel uncomfortable, too. Ha Ha.
Comment by Irene Soileau on November 5, 2010 at 11:17am
Guess It happens to all of us, went to church with one blue and one black flat, in the closet they looked the same, bet no one noticed. LOL Irene
Comment by cherylbwaters on November 5, 2010 at 8:58am
What does your son know! I knew those were sheep immediately!

I have to wear flats so when I find a pair of dressy flats I usually buy more than one color. One day while sitting in the courtroom, I looked down and I had on one blue shoe and one black. This was early in the day and this trial went on all day.
Comment by Peggy Stuart on November 5, 2010 at 8:57am
There is no law that says that socks--or shoes--must match! What gorgeous projects! Is the pink yarn using the pink in the mark? How ingenious! How beautiful! I love the color combos you've used. I brought home a small bag of poodle hair from the groomer's Monday, which I plan on blending wih alpaca and maybe some merino using the drum carder to make DH a hat for Christmas or later.

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