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Although I haven't had time to do my blog, I did manage some time to have a look at everybody elses and you all seem to be doing such exciting things, especially the quilters.

When I rounded up all my 'makes', I discovered that I too had been quite productive without actually realising it.

The past 2 months have been centred around my elder son (both sons still live at home with me) having an Iliostomy, so times have been very fraught, but now he seems to be making good progress and coping extremely well.

I was thinking how stressfree life will be from now on, and then I find out that Eddie, my long term manfriend,  has prostate cancer and Parkinsons, and my other son will be redundant at end of September.

At least the dogs seem to be OK at the moment if you don't count then getting into a fight with another dog yesterday on their walk. The other dog had escaped and luckily was a quite small Norfolk Terrier. Our 2 were on a double lead which isn't ideal in a fight situation. In the end my son had to pick the little dog up and tuck it under his arm till its owner turned up. Somehow in the skirmish he ripped the knee of his new trousers and grazed his knee.

Maise is still the same weight as she was 6 months ago and looks like being the smallest adult Scottie ever.

Here is one of my favourite scarves made on my rigid heddle loom with pick stick textured patterning.

This is a linen and cotton shawl in plain weave. I bought six 500g cones of this linen & cotton yarn off ebay at under £1 for 100gms . I did try weaving another on a finer heddle but it was still fairly open weave. I'm not sure whether washing might close the weave up a bit, but I quite like the open effect, and it is so light. Would be ideal for soft furnishings as well.

This is another textured scarf with each end being slightly different. I was particularly pleased with the colour combination on this one. With the heddle textures, the scarves have a slightly different pattern on the back making then reversible, so you have a choice of 4 different ends on show with my scarves. Picture shows a right and a wrong side so you can see what I mean. The RH side in the picture is the actual right side.

Here is the finished scarf made from recycled white milk bottles, with small amount of spun carded Sari silk stripes. The colours run from the sari silk when I washed it, but the milk bottle yarn didn't take any of the dye and stayed pure white.

This is my last scarf and the one that was on the loom the whole of the time that andrew was in hospital. I experimented by adding a few rows of the gold thread off one of the ebay cones. In the photo it just looks like 2 narrow white stripes, but in reality added a real touch of richness. I gave this one to my friend Chris as he admired it so much. There was one other scarf which I sent to the lady who gave me her alpaca fleeces again this year. The brown fleece was really short haired and  I now know not at all suitable for warping a loom. The threads frayed and snapped twice and I had to do some clever darning work to cover up.

I was going to add and say more, but don't seem to be able to browse for any more photos, so maybe there is a limit on the number of photos you can have .

I had better finish now, and will do another blog later in the week for my non scarf items. Barbara


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Comment by cherylbwaters on August 22, 2011 at 11:12pm

Oh, Barbara, your weaving is quite lovely.

You and your family, including Eddie, will all be on my list for lighting candles.

Comment by Irene Soileau on August 22, 2011 at 2:28pm
love your blog, sorry about the problems, thinking of you and all your beautiful work, Irene Soileau
Comment by cherubhmm on August 22, 2011 at 2:23pm
Barbara what a great job you have done with your scarves! You are so productive! Nice to see your hard work.
Comment by Mrs. K on August 22, 2011 at 12:58pm

Oh, what a lovely blog, Barbara. So sorry to hear of your struggles. Let me know if there's anything I can do or you just need to chew an ear.

I so love your scarves - especially the open woven shawl. It's got a wonderful texture and look. And I'm sure it's nice an cosy and soft regardless. The others are just as nice, all in their own right. But this one is definitely my favourite.

Love & hugs. xx

Comment by Peggy Stuart on August 22, 2011 at 12:54pm
Interesting blog, Barbara! Sorry your loved ones are haning health and employment problems. Love your scarves! I think you can have more photos. I have lots in this week's blog!

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