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OK so I seriously could not get motivated in the Pine socks. It wasn't because of the yarn( love Essential), or the pattern even though I really wasn't using one though I did like the heel I had chosen in the KP Two Socks At One Time free pattern. Honestly I was bored,bored,bored. Its just a plain sock not pattern just plain and I like plain socks. Well correction I like a plain sock with a self-patterning yarn or a cool hand dyed yarn (I have a pretty one waiting in the wings). Again I love the color but it was so boring.
So here it was Saturday morning I had came home from work determined I was going to finish these sock before working on any of my other knitting. Sounds familiar? Yeah turns out I had already turn the heel getting ready to knit the cuffs ( remember two socks at a time, only two cuffs to knit). So I go and try them on the recipient has the same size foot as me. I hated them, no really I hated them. My goodness you could obviously see all my moods of the last week and a half in those socks.I'm not kidding! You can tell when I was tired and oops twisted a stitch, when I was stressed boy those stitches are really tight, when I was relaxed loose stitches. While I was looking at these sock at first I was trying to talk myself into saying there were OK and it would all work out in the wash. As soon as I caught myself in that thought process there was only one thing for me to do.
Rip it, rip it, rip it.........yep both pairs. Crazy I know but I couldn't gift these the way they were. I couldn't. Then I sat and thought why was I so bored and why I couldn't get a simple pair of socks knit. Honestly I love magic loop I love all the convenience of it, easy to store in my bag, safer around little man, finishing two sock a one time. Its just these sock I don't think were meant for magic loop. I can't point my finger at it but they just weren't. So I decided to go grab my copy of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's Knitting Rules! and my old faithful yep the dpn's. All dpn lovers feel free to cheer and whoop and holler! I cast them on.... and I was a knitting machine a knitting machine who could not put these sock down. Where ever I went they went... and I was so happy with them, I loved knitting them. Why?? What made these dpn socks more fun than my magic loop? I haven't a clue. The only thing I can come up with is the idea of having all those needles( OK only four ) and having to should I say it? hmm..... you know the feeling like you have to pay a little closer attention because you don't want your stitches falling off the back of one of the other needles (even though I know they won't because I cross the needles in the back). That's what I think kept me interested. So yeah I finished one sock and yesterday afternoon when I came home from work I cast on the other. There is a lot more knit on that second sock than what is in the picture I'm almost ready ( 3 rows left? ) to work on the heel flap.

Now these dpn's I used I can't tell how old they are. I do know that they are Boye size US 1, that came in a plastic round tube with a red cap( sorry I meant to take a picture of them) and the price was .55( I know that because that was the price on the tube) Here another interesting thing the tips are not worn down at all! I really like them, but it got me thinking that maybe I need a newer one for those just in case moments so I'm going to order KP dpns nickle ones. That way I can hold on to these and still knit with dpns when the urge strikes me. I have other dnps lots of them, but I love my option nickle plated so much it would be nice to try those the dpn's.I'll still magic loop this weekend though was the time for the dpn's to shine!! Their weekend in the spotlight and that they are not forgotten and still loved.Hope you had a great weekend!

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Comment by Knit4Many on February 9, 2009 at 4:35pm
Peggy: I love to listen to audio books and KP podcast while knitting. Unfortunately this was not possible last week( except for my 5:00am before work knitting time-loose stitches moment) and I didn't even get to go to new knitting group in town. There was so much going on in the house that knitting was my outlet and then I would get easily distracted( internet time)So I think that why it dragged on so.The goal is to have done this week :) hopefully.
Comment by Knit4Many on February 9, 2009 at 4:27pm
I know right? I enjoyed knitting the toe( even after a few fault starts),I like seeing it grow so to speak,the foot dragged on at times and I would get bored, work got stressful didn't pay much attention to gauge just happy to be knitting ( that was in my Rather Be Knitting Stage), loads of fun turning the heel( will definitely knit KP Two Socks At One Time Pattern) it was nice cushy and different, then came the cuff (which was going to be a plain rib),bored again,then it happened....realizing they were almost done,almost ready to be gifted and took a really close look at them. The rest is frog pond history. I usually don't have a problem frogging a project if I really don't like the end result, I have ripped completed cowls,scarfs, socks, mittens. I like the process of knitting but I also like a nice looking (to me at least) project in the end. Otherwise I won't use it, gift it, it will just be shoved somewhere and what an awful fate for such nice wool.
You should try magic loop I do have another pair on them and I really like them( no pond so far in their future).
I haven't heard her CD, but I enjoy all her books.Yeah this book is usually in my knitting bag. I still need to read the newest one.-Knit4
Comment by HavetoomuchYarn on February 9, 2009 at 10:39am
Well, I am glad you frogged your unloved socks. However, last week you worked along on a project that you were comfortable knitting (ie no pattern angst on top of you mood fluctuations) and you ended with a project you did not regret undoing. Maybe you knitting kept you from going over the edge (either at the bottom or the top). I have been in booth places and I thank God I have something to keep me occupied during those times. Something that is portable, socially acceptable, and provides a satisfying product.

who really must try socks on a magic-loop...

PS I like that your books looks well loved. Have you listened to her cd of the book? I love it. (I have both the book and the cd)
Comment by Peggy Stuart on February 9, 2009 at 7:09am
I like dpns, too, although I mostly use them for I-cord. A plain sock can get boring. Two solutions: have something else going on (really good movie or audio book, or talking to the folks in my knitting group) or somehow make the project more interesting. You found the second path, I suspect. I have several sets of the nickel-plated dpns, and they are very nice. Cost more than .55, though! :-} I'll remember your experience next time I have to do a really simple sock. I usually only do them in DK or sport-weight because it gets done faster. Maybe this is a better solution! Happy knitting! --Peggy

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