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I think I see that proverbial light, so I must be nearing the end of the tunnel. Either that, or I'm having a near-death experience, but from what I've read, people don't usually blog in the middle of that type of thing, so I'm going with the tunnel theory.
I'm nearing the sleeve cap shaping on the last sleeve of the Dirt Lace Cardigan. I've packed up Chart C, with the Post-It notes and mechanical pencils and magnifying bars required to work that chart, and I'm on to Chart A, a simple Lace and Cable 16-stitch repeat. And all that knocking on wood must have helped, because there has been no frogging required on the sleeves. Keep knocking, though - the sleeve isn't done yet.
The Silk Garden Shell has seen some progress, as well. I'm past the armhole shaping, and just knitting toward the shoulders. Another 40 rows or so, and she's done. I had this passing thought about adding sleeves, short ones, because, A, I have enough extra yarn to do that, and, B, I don't have the kind of arms that one necessarily wants to expose. My triceps could use some toning, okay? Then again, a nice jacket can cover those arms, and that extra yarn would make a beautiful scarf . . . .
Now, the bad news is that I've found a couple more UFOs around the house that I'd sort of forgotten about. I've taken a vow not to start any new projects until my latest KnitPicks order arrives, so if the two current projects get finished, maybe I'll work on a couple of those "forgotten" projects. Hmmm . . . do I hope that new yarn arrives soon, or do I hope it's slow in coming?

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Comment by kate on October 1, 2008 at 3:14pm
I am looking for some help in adding sleeves to a dress pattern that has wide shoulder straps. If anyone could help it would be wonderful. Thanks. Kate

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