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Ok, if anyone is reading this, this is my first knitting blog. I do have a blog. On Livejournal (link on my page) but not much of it has knitting. so this will be just about knitting. I think this is best cause if i have knitting friends i don't really want them to know all the other stuff going on in my life. so here is nice.

Ok so the intro is done. I'm talk a bit more about myself. My name is Tia. I'm 24 yrs old and have been knitting for about a year. I, like many other women, had no intention to knit. I wouldn't say I'm a feminist but knitting was something old women and girly-girls did. But i got interested when i met someone in Community College, my good friend Steve-o (Stephine). She learned a year or two before i met her and I became interested with it because of how fast she could do it. I asked her to teach me and she flat out told me No. Which i can understand now, it's very hard to teach people to knit especially if you have a hard time explaining things like she (and I) does. So I found a kids book-kit on how to knit and tried it. It was hard as hell!! i couldn't get the cast on and it took me 3 days before i could. Also i learned that my mom knows how to knit!!! Amazing to me as it was it wasn't very helpful cause she didn't help me figure it out. I finally got it (this was the basic 2 needle-knit cast on) and was soo happy to be knitting. Next problem, doing the 1st row. I cast on to tightly and so i wind up re-casting on a few 100 times till i get it loose enough to knit. (this is getting long so I'll just say my beginnings in knitting was more the hell)

Since then i have knitted almost everything in that book. Bought 2 more books to help me understand different stitches and learn about other patterns to never attempt (lol)

I have a boyfriend now, who is amazed with me being to knit and has already picked out many patterns that i will never knit for him.(heh) He about me two knitting calendars, Pattern-a-day and the Stitch N' Bitch calendar. I really like this guy just cause he is soo support of whatever whim i have. Cute huh?

Current project:

Making a pattern called Fisticuffs. I didn't mention this but i'm a punk girl at heart. and I love wristbands and sleeves. so learning and attempting this will be great for me if i can complete.

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