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I am reading my way through the KnitLit series, having completed the first book months ago, and currently just a few stories away from finishing KnitLit (too). KnitLit the Third is patiently waiting on my shelf. I enjoy reading about the many ways knitting has touched people's lives. I would like to invite any of you who visit My Page to leave behind here a short story about knitting in your lives. Something you may have experienced or witnessed while knitting, or a memorable encounter you had with another knitter. Perhaps the story of a special knitted gift that you made for someone, or that someone else made for you. What I would love to hear about is the human element involved in the knitting story...not just about patterns and projects and yarns. It can be a short paragraph, or several. I am looking forward to reading about those special knitting moments.....Please take a moment to share your story. Thanks!

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Comment by SuzieKnits on September 17, 2008 at 3:25pm
Thanks so much for sharing your story! I agree, it is wonderful that Knit Picks came along. I have been dreaming of knitting with alpaca yarn for years. But it was just out of my reach financially. I couldn't quite justify the cost, when calculating how much yarn I would need for my chosen sweater pattern. If it wasn't for Knit Picks, I still would not know the feel of Alpaca Yarn in my hands! (Never mind the finished product!) :)
Comment by Rebecca Mills on September 17, 2008 at 9:22am
Hi again! You asked for knitlit stories. Unlike most of the people I have read about, I did not have an aunt, grandma or mother teach me to knit. I learned at an after school girls club. This was the early years of the Boys and Girls club. It was after school and all of us girls learned to knit. The ladies that taught us were senior citizen volunteers and they had as much(or more) fun than we did. All of us learned really quickly and started working on garter stitch scarves. We also made hats and matching vests.
I gave up knitting when I was a teenager, I didn't go back to the hobby until a few years ago. A lady I worked with crocheted all the time. I told her I used to knit but I forgot how and wished I still knew how. She told me it would all come back to me. She kept after me to pick up some sticks and yarn and go for it. Well, I did! I was sad at first because I could not afford nice quality yarn. Not long after that, I discovered Knitpicks company. Well, my life has never been the same since then!!! (for real!!)
I will always be grateful to the ladies that taught us to knit, the lady a few years ago that encouraged me to start my hobby again and to Knitpicks for making luxuries so affordable!! Knitting has enriched my life in too many ways to even say.
Comment by SuzieKnits on April 23, 2008 at 7:22pm
Thank you for sharing your knitting story here. I hope you will post pictures on your page of some of your creations!
Comment by SuzieKnits on April 23, 2008 at 7:10pm
That's cool that you are reading Mill on the Floss. Last year, after reading a biography of GE, I decided to start reading her novels. FIrst I read Mill on the Floss, then Silas Marner, and now I am about a third of the way through Middlemarch. I have enjoyed them very much and especially the connections to her life. I loved reading her biography and couldn't put it down. I may go back and read it again. I think my favorite of her novels so far is Silas Marner--I like how that story progressed, and some of the imagery developed in it.
Comment by millonthefloss on April 22, 2008 at 6:30pm
First of all you asked me if I was a GE fan. Yes, I am reading her book MILL ON THE FLOSS,
our family used to take vacations and go see mills. I have always liked mills, though old fashioned in appearance they had a way of getting things done on a circular basis which I liked. Not to mention, I really like circular knitting. At the time I saw mills was about the time my grandmother taught me how to knit. It was a time when I was learning so much.
Being left-handed always seemed to upset my grandma. She was of the old school where right-handed was the only way. I learned to knit the right-handed way. I can vividly remember her coaxing. Going back to learning how to knit, I taught myself many techniques, than I set out to use them in making some items that I wanted for myself. I made my first pair of socks early on in my knitting experiences. Than I made mittens, gloves and scarves and lastly, sweaters.
I am making many sweaters now and adding my own pattern ideas. It's an ongoing process for me. I use a pencil and paper alot. I keep endless notes. I try and keep my notes neat.
I know where I need to begin if I stopped for the day. I finish my projects, and enjoy weaving in tails. Than I am very happy with the results, or I rip out and start over. I have done that, ripped out a whole sweater. It wasn't fun but than I started over, and fixed my mistake and ended up with some sweater that I really was proud to wear.

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