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I've never written a blog. I've not even kept a diary. There is a saying that goes "good girls keep a diary bad girls don't have the time". I've never had the time, I've also considered it a bad idea to write something down thats probably going to come back and haunt you later. Particularly (as a friend discovered age 15) if you've put so much sticky tape in it, it won't burn.

This weeks been a bit well interesting so I figure I'd share especially since I'm looking at all the things on the knitpicks website I can't buy till my debit/credit cards get reinstated.

Last week we went skiing. On the Tuesday I ditched my skiing classes and went back to the hotel to console myself with chocolate which wasn't there. Now I'm sure it had been despite the others saying I'd eaten it. Oh well off to the Wellness centre where I'm greeted by some very naked eastern european men. I've not got a problem with nakedness, there were some bottoms there I'd have happily smacked but these two were well um shaved. Full chest of hair less so further south. I remember reading somewhere that if you want your bits to look bigger have a shave, I'm not sure it worked. I've never really considered knitting swim wear but looking down at the suri dream shawl I was knitting at the time I was thinking how long would it take me to knit some. Ah they wouldn't wear it anyway. What was slightly more confusing was on the door of the wellness centre is a sign saying in english something to the effect of "We thank you for not being naked". Now I'd assumed that the writing underneath in many other languages said the same but I'm now wondering if it says "Be as naked as you like" and therefore a cunning ploy to keep the english speakers fully clothed. Well we do have a high rate of obesity maybe its best.

On the last night I found out what had happened to the chocolate (see I didn't eat it). We started packing to find we were now missing a couple of hats and a pair of leggings. At lunch while worrying people would think I was a nutcase I asked the other guests if they were missing anything. Thankfully I'm not going mad and it transpired the cleaner had been taking random items of clothes and chocolate bars and she'd been dismissed. Annoyingly she'd also been through my bag with my cards in so on the recommendation of the bank I've had them canceled. I’m therefore unable to buy the shiny wool and spinning books I wanted and probably more importantly a friends wedding prezie. I wanted to get her the Oxfam condoms or the mosquito nets but by the time the cards come through someone else will have got them and I’ll be left with the pizza slicer.

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