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Wasn't it nearly a week ago I thought I was seeing light at the end of this AFO tunnel? Well, I think I can still see the light, but I'm not out of the tunnel yet. The Silk Garden Shell is now going to be a Silk Garden tee. I finished the front and back, but decided to use the extra yarn to knit up short sleeves. Then I decided I didn't like the funnel neck, so I ripped the Front back about four inches and added some neck shaping - eventually to become the base for a mock turtleneck. The good news is those pieces are all knit; the bad news is they haven't found their way to the blocking board yet.
The Hibito (aka Dirt Lace Cardi) is really in the home stretch. The Front and Back have been joined at the shoulders, and both front bands are finished. Those are currently on the board for a light blocking, and when I get a few minutes, I just need to sew in the sleeves and seam the sides. (Did I say "a few minutes"? Okay, maybe a free evening.)
The primary reason these two projects are still Almost Finished instead of Finished is that, during a bout of insomnia this past week, I cast on the Catwalk Cable, and I'm still in the infatuation stage with that project, despite having frogged 12 rows because of a bit of overzealous cabling. I'm about 10" into the Back of that new WIP.
AND, I have to shamefully admit, I got the email about the new Comfy yarn now being available, and I don't think a full 15 seconds passed before I placed my order. Dang! I need some sort of buffer on this computer . . . . it's way too easy to click and order. Still, I don't feel completely horrible - after listening to Kelly's podcast about Comfy, I've been dying to try it. Not that I have a project picked out yet, mind you, but when it arrives, I'll play with swatches a little bit and see what this yarn wants to be.
I wonder if the Postal Service is going to start getting suspicious of me if I keep getting these mysterious boxes from the Midwest - or is that just my guilty conscience talking?

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