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You know how sometimes you think you have all your ducks in a row. You make plans, get excited for a certain weekend or planned event? Well that's what I did all last week. I'd sit at my desk at work and day dream about the coming weekend when I knew I would have the house to myself to clean out my closet, quilt a bit on my mothers day gift for Mom, and of course rent a book or movie from the library and watch and knit in the evenings. You see, my husband had planned a little weekend trip of his own, planning to make the drive to Port Sanilac Michigan to spend a much needed visit with his father.

Our weekend took a turn for the "weird" on Saturday when my youngest daughter, (we have only two) called to say her fiance' rolled his four wheeler on top of him and the helicopter was life flighting him to a large Toledo Hospital because he was unconcious. All my planning and daydreaming were dashed in that one phone call without another thought about them. Knowing it was going to be a long night and coming day, my husband and other daughter, and I tugged on blue jeans, scattered for comfy clothes, gathered a book and hand held game or two, and threw together a carry bag of water bottles and chex mix and breath mints. Hell or high water someone always throws the can of mints into the bag. With a quick swipe I had my coat on, purse over my arm and just as I was about to lock the back door I glanced at my little ditty bag resting on the window sill in the mudroom. My hand shot out and retrieved it as my brain registered the hours sitting in the waiting rooms inbetween comforting my daughter. The door locked.

Once again I was reminded how important my hand work is to me. It would keep me calm, and I could pass that calmness to my daughter and her soon to be in-laws. Only a very small way to help in an otherwise helpless situation. This young man, although new in our family has become very important on many levels. My husband has a son now after raising two daughter. His new son has many of the same interests he does. My other daughter has a brother finally, after begging me to produce one on many occasions when she was still a little girl. I think it's important to give credit to the small things in our lives that can really make a difference in the larger picture of things. My knitting, almost left behind, turned out to be my saving grace yesterday. A well worth distraction to a very tense situation. And we were blessed by a happy ending to this event.

My future son-in-law is doing better today. Sore, bruised, mad at himself for not being more careful, but his fractured skull will heal soon enough and his bruised brain, or "noodle" as he refered to it, will be fine too. I hope he knows how much we have grown to love him.

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Comment by Debbi NW Ohio on April 1, 2008 at 4:41am
Thanks Sadie, I offered to teach Jake to knit too. He likes to watch me knit. He will be in his own bed tonight and then we all volunteered to keep watch 24-7 after Erinn goes back to work tomorrow. It sure was a crazy weekend. I'm glad we're back to normal. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope to post once a week.
Comment by buckybear on March 31, 2008 at 4:25pm
I'm so glad Your soon to be son-in-law, is better!
I know what a blessing knitting can be when I'm stressed . When I had my knee surgery Thursday, knitting completely calmed me down. The time I had to wait went by so fast.
Too bad my husband didn't have anything to occupy himself! I offered to teach him how to knit:-) Sadie

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