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During most of this summer, I have had the knitting attention span of a washcloth.  I have turned out many in the odd spaces of time here and there--waiting fot the computer to restart, swimming lessons,  while watching a movie, etc.  For many weeks, I had put myself on a knitting hiatus.  I have recently emerged craving socks.  I have all sorts of sock patterns and even some yarn put away specifically for them.  I have a pair on needles that are not far from completion--if you ignore the mass of tangles that was my ball of yarn.  I worked both ends of the cake in an attempt to make a fairly symmetrical pair of socks and I was not as careful carting them around.   I had set them down out of necessity last fall and finally had the clarity of vision to figure out where in the pattern I had stopped only to make a mess of the yarn(perhaps fueled by too much coffee), which I lack the discipline to unravel (at this time).  I am determined to unravel that birds nest without cutting it, so they will have to sit a little longer in my very cool skull bag until that time.  I have many projects from which to choose and I decide on something completely different.  I discovered a lone cake of lovely variegated yarn and some magnets in the big closet in my house.  I had also been itching to give my square DPNs a test run.   On a whim, I chose the US 2's and march on down to my DD's room to measure the smallest foot in the house.  I am sure one day, she will tell a therapist about her insane mother traipsing into her room wielding a tape measure and attempting to measure her leg and foot through her footie PJ's as she is finally to drifting off to sleep.  Yes, she is wearing footie PJ's in the deep south at the height of summer--her idea not mine.   I had to talk her out of wearing the wool sweater that I knit her to school in 100 F heat.  She is not cold.  She just has some very definite ideas about fashion.   Back to the socks.  Armed with the necessary tools, I even knitted a swatch.  I hate doing this, but realise the necessity.  I could not commit to any particular pattern, so I pullled out my copy of the Yarn Harlot's Knitting Rules and I was off.  I settled on the 2X2 ribbing for the top and a nice sturdy eye of the partridge heel.   The sock progressed nicely.  The needles where a dream to use.  I was careful to make my stitches tight.  The first sock was completed, I tried it on my DD.  To say it was a bit snug, would be an understatement.  At her insistance, we forced the sock onto her foot. It was not unlike the scene in Cinderella where the ugly stepsisters try on the glass slipper (Not the Brother's Grimm version in which they mutilate their feet to make it fit).  We managed to get the sock on and she insisted that she liked it and did not want me to change a thing.  Sigh.  I figure that I should knit the second sock to match its pygmy mate and then add some stiches and knock out another larger pair.  I even took detailed notes while I was knitting, so that I would not spend time trying to remember what I had done the first time.   I must admit that sitting here with 1 and 1/3 super snug socks on the needles, the instant sock knitting gratification quotient is still high.        









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Comment by cherylbwaters on July 24, 2011 at 10:44pm
Gotcha! I use magnets for the same thing! Since I use split rings for markers and they are magnetic, I keep them on a magnetic pin cushion.
Comment by Julie Prerost on July 21, 2011 at 6:55pm
I finished the second one.  She finally agreed they were too tight and I should make a bigger pair.  I have put myself on knitting restiction until I knock some more work off of my dissertation to do list.  While I am restricted, I will figure out how many stitches to increase for the next go around.  The magnet actually have a purpose.  I use them to mark pattern, when I remember or to keep and sewing needles in check while I am workign with them.
Comment by cherylbwaters on July 18, 2011 at 10:01am
OMG, Julie, you have me in stitches! I'm still wondering if it is a typo or what in the world the magnets are for! I can just see your little one stuffing her foot in to that sock. I will be laughing for the rest of the day!

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