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The Urge to Nest and Spin

The urge to nest and spin is great today. I want to sit in my room and knit and spin while the snow fall outside.
But I can't! My dad has torn apart my room to put in heating for the upstairs floor and into my floor. I am grateful for the future heat, but I want my room back!

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Lace Adventures

I have never knit lace before. Now for friend of mine, I am knitting lace stockings. This is going to take a while. I love the pattern, the colors are great, the girls will love them. We'll call her Ginger, she loves socks , especially crazy ones, so I'm bequeathing her with her first hand knit pair!
Can't write much now but will try to give you updates on the progress.

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The Essentials

I have been thinking about this allot lately. I have so many things that I need to make these items that my friends and family are so familiar with. I need my needles, yarn, and a pair of scissors and really that would be it. But what happens when I drop a stitch? What happens when I need to keep track of my rows or rounds or stitches? What happens when I need to hold some stitches? These are my essentials.

1. Scissors

2. Crochet Hook

3.Stitch markers

4. Tape measure

5.… Continue

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A Book Review

"Kids Knitting" by Melanie Falick is the book I learned to knit from. This along with a fantasic grandma is what started my fibre adiction. The good instructions and color photos int he book make it fun. The instructions are for things that are normal like hats, scarves, and a simple sweater. But there are a few fun things like how to make your own knitting needles from dowels and "kool aid" yarn. I suggest this book even if you aren't a kid. It is with me as refrence book and I am going to… Continue

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Starting Over (nearly)

How do you feel after having to rip out half a sweater? Oi vhey, it is so heartbreaking. But it;s best to maintain your sanity by using this philosophy; if you have to tear out hours of knitting that you think looked bad, you are fixing a mistake in something that you invested in. Yes there's the whole time thing, but the time that you invest into this garment is going to be repaid ten-fold if you like the way it looks on you.

That's how it happened with my sweater dress, I used the… Continue

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I need to gather more information, my knitting knowledge is supremely stunted. This has become apparent after my decision to write a knitting book. The only question is, how does one educate them self enough to write such a book. I know that this will never happen if it isn't completed with in the next 15 months. I know that seems like a long time, but my short attention span is lengthened when it comes to my craft.

So, now I have about 6 months to make all the projects needed to educate… Continue

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Am I Insane? (wait don't answer)

The bad thing about sweater knitting is that you tend to get carried away. Espesially with a mind like mine. I wouldn't say that I have a dramatic mind, but I have a mind that wanders toward drama. If you were to ask me what my favorite movie is, it's LOTR (hey, my icon is Nenya, Galadriels ring!). Favorite scene in the trilogy... toss up between Theodins exorsism recovery scene (beutiful graphics!) or Haldirs death scene (I realise that Legolas was the only elf at Helms Deep, but that is a… Continue

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Why so Surprising?

When I knit in public, I get odd looks, double takes, and people exclaiming that they didn't know you could knit with three needles. Why are they so surprised? What is so extraordinary about a girl my age knitting on DPN's?

The comments and looks I get are funny but never hurtful. No one has ever said to me; "Isn't that the sort of thing that old ladies do?" No one has ever called me granny, no one has scoffed at my lifestyle.

One such comment was particularly funny. Sitting in a… Continue

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Sweater Knitting

I have just started on my first sweater. I work on it every day and I have to say, I'm addicted. The fact that I don't have to carry a pair of scisors in my bag as i'm working on it beacause the fact that I will finnish it in the 2-6 hours that I'm out of the house is so small that I don't bother. I'm so happy with the sweater that I am knitting. It's the Textured Tunic with Side Buttons out of Fitted Knits by Stefanie Japel on page 102. It's beautiful. The box stitch in the middle is done in a… Continue

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The Essentials Part 1

So I am going to fill you in on why these things are so important to me. The first thing is scissors. That is a little obvious why I need these. When you cast off, how are you going to sever the yarn, with you teeth? While you could do this, I wouldn't reccomend it, wool doesn't taste that good (tee hee!)

Next is a crochet hook, this isn't so obvious to alot of people. The fact is, dropped stitches are hard to pick up with out these things. Sure, I can use a knitting needle to pick it up,… Continue

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Confessions of a Nerd

I am knitting and watching Star Wars. If that isn't nerdly to the rest of the world I don't know what is. All I can say is; Nerds Rule!

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I did it!

They are all done and given to their owners. Several good reations including the useage of the items imediatley and the day after! The only person who was not happy (or was he?) was a kid who I will use a code name for (security :) Brian. He only partly opened his present. I don't understand. I said that my little sister knit on it and he asked if it would blow up in his face. He was jocking as only a boy can and now he won't acknowledge the hat :\ hmmmm.... I don't know about that boy.

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Crunch Time

Saturday is the Youth Group Christmas Party and Caroling Trooping thingy... and that is when I have to give all of my friends. I have 5 projects to finish by Saturday, can you say panic? One of them is a hat knit on a size ten circular that has to be finished on a set of dpn's that are being used on a pair of gloves. AHHHHHHHHH!

Okay, I'm done; but I am in a slight panic. I have revised someones glove for the third time and have gone with a black, red, and blue homespun color work gloves.… Continue

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This is me.

Hey! I am the original Metal Head Knitter. I live in Alaska and I love to knit. Unlike most knitting bloggers out there, I am an intermediate knitter. I have only been knitting things other than My Little Pony items for my little sister for a year now. I just learned to cable and I am knitting my first pair of socks. I am not the most talented knitter out there, so my blog might be a bit boring. But I will try to find new knitting related topics to post and review.

My dad calls me the… Continue

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Christmas Gifts

Many knitters have a problem knitting christmas gifts beacuse of the hard pressed deadline. I, however, don't. I like the fact that I have a motive and a time when it has to be done. This year, every one in my youth group is getting a hand knit christmas gift. That isn't saying much beacuse our youth group is really small. The knitting is gratifying beacause it's going to people I love.

This year I am mostly giving away gloves, as I have said before, gloves are like my socks. I love… Continue

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Knitting Socks, a Rant, and a Book Review.

Okay, so; I just got my first sock knitting book. It's called "Getting Started Knitting Socks" by Ann Budd. This book is fantastic! I really shouldn't have done it, but I started to knit a pair of socks. I really should have been working on Christmas presents, but I couldn't resist the temptation! The designs for the socks in this book, she has socks in lots of colors and gauges. Some of the colors aren't my personal taste, but hey, I'm a metal head. But the best thing about the book is, it has… Continue

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