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Hey everyone, I just have a quick question:

I'm making the Sockstravaganza socks from Brave New Knits, and I'd like to give the yarn bobbins a try. I'm just wondering: What size would you guys reccomend? I'm using Stroll Tonal in Blue Yonder and Deep Waters.

Short post, I know, and I havn't posted in forever. Hmmm.. What have I been working on? I want to make this longer. I made my dad a super-thick pair of socks with WOTA Worsted in mist. I double-stranded the yarn and used…


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Hi everyone! Remember me?

A while back, I decided that I wanted to make my dad a liberty cap for his birthday. Which was in mid March...

I have about ten rows done.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love the Telemark, and I love the nickle plated needles I got to make it. DEMO, (which is Japanese for 'but', I've been picking up a few things from an exchange student I met over the summer,) the stockinette is so BORING. It's at such a small gauge, and I just have no patience. I'm…


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Time Machene

My dad's birthday is on Saint Patrick's Day, so when I considered my options for his knitted gift, I was thinking "GREEN." That's also his favorite color. Maybe a camo hat, because he likes to hunt.

But then, I THOUGHT. He likes to build guns, working models of old muzzleloaders from the revolutionary era.

And I researched.

Liberty caps were worn in the mid-1700's. They were blunt tipped, long stocking caps, most often knit in red or blue wool,…


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Whoa, LTNS!

I havn't posted here in a long time, but I have been around! And my God, I've been knitting.

I've knit a little baby hoodie, and lots of dishcloths, and a shrug, and a diagonal scarf, and now, I'm working on socks and a fair isle blanket.

Obsessed? Yes.

Ashamed? No.

No pictures for now, being that my camera is broken, but I feel so proud of myself! Through the time that I've been silent around here, I've discovered that our school actually has a knitting…


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Stupid YOs.

So, everybody has seen the Grandmother's Favorite pattern on ravelry. It's that one that starts off with three stitches and increases to forty-three, then decreases back down to three? Yeah, that one. It's one of the easiest patterns out there, and I still managed to screw it up. I don't exactly know what kind of increases I did, but they sure wern't yarn overs. Check it out:

@#$%. Since I've already made two, I'm going to keep doing… Continue

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Garter, garter, and more garter stitch.

Stuck in a rut. And I despise it.

I've made about 6 garter stitch scarves with my awesome size 11 needles I got for confirmation from my knitting buddies. They go so much faster when you have larger needles. Now that I'm addicted to knitting (which happened almost immediatly, but now it's much worse) I'm itching to make something more. That eye pillow was a no-go because library due dates come up surprizingly fast.

So, I get a ravelry account, and...

I… Continue

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Okay, so, there are two things I probably should have learned by now from waiting in the doctor/dentist/whatever office, reading science journals: I have a very, very limited amount of patience, and I am always hungry to learn more. So, as you can probably guess from the last couple sentances, a garter stitch scarf is not exactly my thing right now. As soon as my stitches became neat rows and I could blast through a good amount on my forty minute bus ride to school, I was ready to purl, but… Continue

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Fuzzy Pink Love

Okay, so, I took a break from the needles this week, because over Easter break, I did some traveling. A brand new Ben Franklen had just opened up in Mitchell, so naturally, I had to stop and buy some yarn. I bought some Patons Classic Wool Merino in That's Pink! and immediatly whipped out my loom and got started on a pair of slippers. Now, normally, I'm not all that into pink, but as you can see, I've found myself being attracted towards fuchisa… Continue

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April 10, 2009

Hey, everyone! Happy early Easter! Let me tell you, it feels sooo good to have a full five days off from school. I've managed to sleep in until noon today - I havn't done that since I was ten! And that was only because I was suffering from strep throat at the time....

Well, anyway, Easter has now become my favorite holiday. Why? Well, because as an Easter gift, my confirmation mentor, Tami, gave me my first pair of KNITTING NEEDLES on… Continue

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April 6, 2009

Um, hello there! My name is Eileen, as you can see. I am a fourteen-year-old loom knitter from South Dakota.

Loom knitting? You may ask. Why not just use regular knitting? You can do so much more!

Well, the story is, I got a Knifty Knitter round loom set for Christmas back when I was in the fourth grade. See, my whole family is crafty, but no one knits. My mom just picked it up at the Hobby Lobby… Continue

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