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A newlywed and army wife. I currently live in Germany on an American Army Post. I have been broadening my knitting horizons. I love socks, but have been trying to make new and exciting projects.
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At 4:58am on July 20, 2010, Peggy Stuart said…
Hi back at you! My KP friends are my favorite people on Rav. Good to have you!-P
At 11:10pm on July 19, 2010, Tara Addesa said…
boy gf busys Now My 1st Name lol..with This Heavy Hitting LIST of friends Youve Created boy oh boy Tells Me Youre 1 Smart Cookie ..You Know HOW To Pick them lol You Couldnt Possiblyyyy Have better friends on Community then Peggy/Cheryl & Susan ..Not to forget Kelley .. whoops You ARE missing 2 .. Julienne & Irene but Thats a FULL HOUSE Gf these are da SERIOUS Knitters/Spinners .. you'll also be awestruck at their Work too..they put out some wicked Serious Spinning & Knitting such as If You Havent seen Peggys Christening Gown She made Daphne ..Go Take a Peek i had MY WHOLE Family look at it i loved it that Much Clearly YOU Appreciate the GOOD STUFF Gf .. and youre quite the Impressive Knitter Yourself .. Ive been Looking thru ALL Your Piccys even If i havent had a chance Lately to stop in & See ya :))) Babysitting 2 Toddlers Over the Summer MY Toddlers is quite the Job for any GrandMa .. Soon as I Can Get bacck On again will Stop In & See How Youre Doing ..Misss My Spinning Forgot to Bring My Spindle ..
At 7:06am on May 26, 2010, Susan the Blue Lake Knitter said…
Laura, Nice to have you as a friend! ♥s
At 4:01pm on May 14, 2010, Tara Addesa said…
Wooo Hooo da BoX is On it's Way !!! Airmail/Priority/Tracking Number/ Signature !!! Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy !!!! Peggys DD went into Labor Last Night so Tonight She'll have baby Daphne !!! She said She'll Check In at Night !!!!
At 8:11pm on April 20, 2010, Tara Addesa said…
Hey Gf Cripes there's seems ooodles of Mail Problems going I heard about the Ash Holding Up Flights & I've got thee Worst Case of cabin fever I've Ever had grrr between the Pink Eye & nasty wicked congestion I've been a Royal Mess & except for 1 drs appt I have left the house in a month .. So Soon as I'm. up to going out Praying by Thursday or Friday I've got to go to Post Anyway .. Send Another Pony Express out to someone so I'm Going to Check with that same Office See if they can't FinD Whatever the Bloom they did with it .. You know Soon as I Know Youll know IF I can get a Straight Answer :))) Btw Dont Know If You Saw but Tomorrow Entrelac KALs Starting :) just 1 of those things I Never Learned or honestly Ever heard of... So I'm taking the KAL so I Can Learn it :))) ICord is Just FAB Fab Fab wayyyy too EasY am Useing it for Everything I Possibly Can :))) Join Us If Youre Up to it :))) TTS
At 1:59pm on April 7, 2010, Tara Addesa said…
Holey moley gf yep Now You know Why we call it Pony Express here .. Seems like I'm damned if I do & damned if I don't .. I've tried complaining ( like I did with the England Pkg & they Just Hold them Up Longer) so I try as Nice as Possible til it gets ridiculous but actually considering Yours has Gone overseas isn't too Terribly Bad Yet .. I've Picked Up whatever the baby had & I've been Home In bed since a Week Ago Sunday/ Monday while I'm a little bit Improved Nothing to get Happy over Yet .. So til I'm up to snuff I won't be/can't be heading to the Post Office & I Need to Send Julie & Irene a Pattern just in a Business Envelope but haven't Felt well enough to go Do That .. They Both Know How Sick I am Julie Calls me almost Daily so I don't have to try & Type & Post Msgs :)) but Hopefulllyyyy Youll get it very soon & that would be Happy happy Joy joy but Try giving it a few & see what happens I know How awfulll post is here coming from W NY our Post is Awesome Up there but down here I've Neverrrr ever Seen Anything Like What they get Away with being Kind to say Outrageous but illegal they've gotten away with for soooo Long they KnoW they Can Do what they want & get away with it Nothingggg We can Do about it .,. Give You a clue Julie is Only Up near Dallas last set of 2-3 boxes I sent her took Overrr 3 Weeks to get to Her .. So Soon as I'm Feeling better I'll go check If you don't get it first .. But You very well might I was saccrine sweet when I took it in Hopinggg That would Help plus isn't a heavy box at All like Julies were Big & heavy Yours is like regular KP box :)) Heres to Hoping gf :)))
At 7:17am on April 5, 2010, Larry said…
Guten Tag Laura,

Thank you so much for your kind words. It has been a fun learning experience.

Congrats on your marriage!! May it be a blessed one!!

Peace and all good, Larry
At 1:06pm on March 31, 2010, Tara Addesa said…
Hey gf ... Pleaseeee take a Pic of the baby kimono When You Finish it I'd Loveee to See it !!! Am Sureee as Beautifullll as Your Knitting Is it's going to be a Truly Cherished GifT !!! You Know I'm probably More Anxiousss for You to get Your Box then You are but You know today while Reading Your Note (the News was On ) yet Again they were Talking about those Scumbag Terrorists in Russia and frankly Normal ppl like Us Dont Give situations like That a 2nd thought but Truth Is those Situations Can Change Everything & We Just Dont Realize it .. Like Mail we take for Granted of Course but can Surely be held Up bcuz the Scumbag Terrorists Cant be Trusted therefore postals got to Check EverY Single Box No Matter WhaT on the Remote chance the Scumbags Did Who Knows What .. Truthfully What made Me of that was that Scumbag Terrorist that managed to make it Over to Detroit a few months ago .. Well thanks to ThaT creep I was Told Out Right by 1 of My Yarn Shippers that WAS the Cause of My Shipment of Yarn being held Up & they heard that Straight from the Post that Picks Up their Pkgs !! If I hadn't SeeN the Russia thing on the News Today it Prob Still Wouldnt have dawned on Me : / No doubt though it Willll be there Soon :))) I purposely Didnt Seal the Top of the Box til the Postal Worker Looked Inside it lol I just wanted to be Sure they knew What was Really Inside so there wouldn't be Any possible Holdups I know Texas is KnowN for thee SlowesT Mail Anywhere .. Can't Wait to See Your Baby Project :))) Is she having a boy or girl ?? My sons best buddy just had his first boy Thursday they tried for 6 years & I lost track of How Many miscarriages She had there were That many so I owe them a Baby Gift too & No Idea What yet !!
At 11:00pm on March 28, 2010, Tara Addesa said…
I'll have to tell you the Sock Story you'll Roarrr Laughing but a True true Story lol was taking my Son to a friends wedding out in LA where My GrandMa Lived of course my Son remembered to Pack Everything Suit shirt Tie dress shoes etc etc etc til we were out eating at the Carnegie Deli in Beverly Hills 2 days before the wedding ok No Prob suits in the Car after lunch I'll run him Into Ferragamos & they've got a whole Wall of cubbys holding Cashmere Socks we'll match them to his Suit & he'll have a Very Soft awesome pair of overly Priced Cash Socks to go with his Suit lol I'm Thinking 20. Maybe even $50. For the Socks this was back in like 1992 Okkkk so long story short after lunch we go to Ferragamos & Pick Out his Socks TIL I SAW the PRICE TaG !!! Thought it was a Typo lol lol Nope wasn't those Cashmere Machine NoT HandKnit SockS were $500. Yes yes yes You Read That Right $500.00 I Tossed them Back into the Cubby said Thanks Very much adios later !! 50. Would have made me Choke but $500. FORGET It Not going to happen in This Life Nooo How Nooo Way so shortly After I told Julienne the Ferragamo Sock story Her Angel Hubby had a New Appreciation for her Knitting Him Alpaca Socks !!! Right then & there he Developed a New Love for Her Ability to Make Him rare & unusual Socks like Possum (you Cant even Get Possum at Ferragamos) Camel ditto for Camel Amazing what 1 True Story can Do for a Guys Attitude who thought Knitting was for Poor people til he almost Choked on $500. Socks about 20 years ago that's like 1,500. Today geesh they're nutsss but I comb the Internet & Find GreaT Prices on the Exotic Yarns which makes them Very very Affordable :))) that was the Point Gordana Made too She Paid 10. For the Yarn for that Dress she Sold for a 1,000. That's about right too My LYS back in Amherst/Williamsville Kathy the Owner Sold a Plain mans Pullover in navy Lopi for 1,250. Back in 1986 .. 1 of the buffalo sabres bought it cuz he had more money then sense !!!
At 10:34pm on March 28, 2010, Tara Addesa said…
Wow gf Awesomeee Article !! Right Up My Alley boy did I ever Enjoy that Wish she'd of mentioned Alot more about the Season ahead Runway Shows in Paris especially Last weeks Fall Show Really Hit with a Huge BanG for the Knitting World !!! That's Why I posted it .. Those who hang here & really have a Strong desire to Know Whats the Newest Latest Greatest in Fashion so they can get Started on Having that 1 or 2 Very Special otherwise Cost Prohibative Pieces IF they had to Go out & Buy it well in Fact just wouldn't Happen .. But if they can get a few Luscious Hanks and Whip Up their Own Piece or Pieces they Jump on it Soon as Know What Paris or Milan had Hitting the Runway :))) like the Grey Eternity Scarf going for 1,500. Or More like 2,500. At the Chanel Show early Last Week for their Fall Show .. Our gals Here can Buy thee Most Gorgeous Camel/Cashmere/Silk Blend for 5. Ball so for 15. They've got a killerrrr piece they can Wear with Anything & Everything !! In Fact I got Julie 3 balls in Purple of that Camel/Cashmere/Silk & You CanT StoP Touching it it's ThaT Wonderfullll wanted to get Her Started on Exotics Only bcuz "I" think they're Amazing Conversation Pieces like the Cherry Tree Hill Brand Possum :))) GorgeouS & SofT & the Blend is 65% Camel 25% Cashmere & 10% Silk Dreamyyy Stuff so much so I Need to Order a Color for MySelf I got 3 Balls to Try it out & you get about 85ish Yrds to a Ball so sort of made no sense to break it Up when you can make a Gorgeous Luscious article from the 3 balls & it comes in about a dozen Colors thought the Purple was 1 of the Femmiest so I'll have to Check out more Colors .. After sooo many years of Knitting I Personally love love love the Unique Conversation piece factor If you know What I mean .. Like a pair of fingerless Cabled mitts made of Possum or that MusT Have Eternity Scarf done in the round made of the Camel/Cashmere/Silk :))) it's Not Only the Hottest Off the Runway but boosts the Cooolness Factor Big Timeeee !!!

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