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Jericho, VT USA
About Me:
I do believe that fiber arts can help all who suffer to have a better quality of life. My hope for this year is to 1.learn to make socks to fit swollen feet and to do this in toe up socks., 2 learn lace.( I am doing better, just need to get that SSK right) Happily I have a teeny group I lead called "EWE- KNIT- TEA" and the 4 of us help each other. None of us are experts.. But we are supportive. I had the pleasure of teaching one to spin by drop spindle. One other gal has a wheel. I am the only knitter, I love this forum here because I need knit help. I so enjoy the help I get from my knit friends here.We just did a charity premie event with a big box full of lovingly created items.I have spent most of my life knitting in stockinette in colorways and staying in the SAFE way of always using the same easy patterns. But I need to learn to help with dealing with pain. I am a petite plus pear and hand spin by drop spindle. I spin very thin... worked hard to do that, now I can't spin thick LOL!! and I am Still trying to ply better.. I do love thread crochet but my eyes can't do it anymore. Age is not always graceful on me for some reason... maybe that is why my name is Grace! I used to have a business hand painting silk , but had to give it up due to illness.... but... When I am well enough, I then dye fiber and if I am doing really well I will then hand paint silk or create drop spindles
I LOVE KP products!. Thank YOU KNIT PICKS for your free patterns and help.

See my website below for more info on me. Besides other issues, for 24 years I have fought a very severe disease called Trigeminal Neuralgia ( + other issues.)TN is considered by the Medical community to be " THE WORST pain known to mankind, the suicide disease due to pain". visit to learn more about this Orphan disorder. . See my blog and see my videos on spinning at
my other blog is
My husband is a fine artist and cartoonist his laughter is a comfort and joy.... I have deep peace through faith in God who has saved my life from death numerous times.. I am a messianic believer. This means I believe in Jesus but we learn our Hebraic roots in the first century church.
It is because of Yeshua ( Jesus) I have Hope to live today. Blessings, Grace in Jericho VT
mother of 4 in heaven and one on earth.
What's your Ravelry ID (if you have one)? (

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Been Away but am back

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Dear ones, having some issues with getting into this part of Knit picks. I am hoping you are all well and happy! I just had another trigeminal neuralgia neuro shots treatment and am recuperating. My hands feel itchy to do some creating but they are sore... and so I am perusing my recent books. I have the New book by Abby Franquemont on Drop Spindling, and Knitted lace shawls by allison hyde. I am looking at the KP Treasued Neckerchief as I have to start somewhere!! I have had a lot of frogging sessions last year. I had a very bad year with all my lace projects and lace sock projects. I don't have a knitter nearby to help. I do host a fiber group at my home one morning a week. only 3 of us now, but last year I taught them spinning and now we are very close. One girl has been teaching kids how to spin and the other friend who is dear to me raises dorset sheep. We have tons of wool but you have to clean it and pick it. My skin is so sensitive that I have to stick to alpaca and silks. Right now I am trying to pack a box to send to a dear across the states knit/spin friend with a heart of gold. Elaine, What a gal!!!
So in the meanwhile I am going through my life priorities.. and I want to make lace but first I want to draw closer to my relationships with God . I have to learn how to be still and not fall asleep from the peace HE gives me.
I also want to get my stash and supplies organized. THIS IS THE YEAR I am thinning out other things that I won't be don't anymore... like rubber stamping.
So you my dear ones, find me at Ravelry under HALALSILKS and in the meanwhile enjoy all the videos on knitting and spinning I collected under titles of "FIBERS JOYS " and "KNIT HELP"
The pic is from our VOW Renewal on our 26th anniversary in Dec. I highly recommend doing this, It was wonderful and joyful! As you can see our theme was Icy Royal Blue. That is Rob's fav color. See his site here, he is a great fine artist and cartoonist..
Stay in peace,
grace in Vt

Fibersofgrace's Blog

OK I am addicted to KNIT PICKS

Posted on June 7, 2010 at 2:10pm 6 Comments

Dear Ones, I have to say, that I am no longer shopping anywhere else for yarn or needles etc. I love Knit Picks. They have the BEST customer service I have ever dealt with!! I purchased a bunch of orders and i was slooowly collecting the beautiful wooden tips. I really love the feel of them, and the beauty too. They are like the cadillac of knitting needles!

But when It came time to buy more…

Finally Making a Bigfoot shawl! And Blessing Preemies

Posted on May 11, 2010 at 5:23pm 2 Comments

Dear ones, In the last months I have done two things.

I finally found the Bigfoot shawl in a the comfort shawls book, It has been an adventure to knit!! I had gotten up to near 300 stitches on my first 2 tries, but the darned item began to spring like a slinky!!! I could not figure out why... so I went back to the start of the instructions and REread the neck. I am still not sure if I am doing this correctly but this time, the third try, it…

working on SSK and the KP Podcasts

Posted on May 11, 2010 at 4:26pm 2 Comments

Now I have problems with SSK stitch. I figure there must be a simpler way to do them. When I slip the stitches to the right needle as if to knit and then have to pick them up with the left needle I always split the yarn! If anyone has insight to make this easier I am so grateful.

By the way, I have been sicker than usual and bedfast for a few months. On my birthday my Darling DH bought me an IPOD.

Kelly P has the most soothing voice and I have worked my way through… Continue

Just got the book Lace style!!

Posted on March 17, 2009 at 7:36pm 2 Comments

I am so excited at my first order from KP. I got the book Lace Style and it is beautiful. I am a beginner at lace knitting. I am wondering at what would be an easy shawl to do. This one has 2 lovely ones, but they seem way out of my league. Is there a group here that works on Lace knitting? I so love the estonian shawls that curve around your body.
many thanks,

Learning to Knit Socks

Posted on March 16, 2009 at 5:27pm 5 Comments

Yes, I am in YEAR 2 + of learning HOW to knit socks to FIT ME.

I have a problem in that my legs and feet are different sizes. I fight lymphadema and so there are times my left foot is huge and my right is normal... then others when both feet are fine.

So I need to find a VERY stretchy pattern. I would like to do this on 4 needles since I have no knitting help nearby I have not gotten down the magic loop or the 2 circular methods down to my understanding.

So ... I think I have… Continue

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At 3:14am on October 25, 2010, Knit4Many said…
Oh my goodness Grace I hope your going to be OK. How did you break your spine? I hope your not in to much pain. I have to work this morning and having been giving some thought to your spinning fiber question. Sorry I didn't respond sooner. So I will be back later this evening. I like Romney but its more for mittens, hat, outerwear not really next to the skin wear. Of course that depends on your sensitivity level. I did spin some Cormo fiber. That was super soft and spongy and feels great next to the skin. Of course alpaca,llama and merino are so soft but since I use a spindle and never been on a wheel it didn't seem to difficult. Definitely took some getting use to though. I hope you have a good day today. I'll be back later.
At 4:02am on October 22, 2010, Rosemary Cox said…
Hi Grace - So kind of you to remember me as a great sock knitter :) I'm afraid I haven't made any larger than to fit an average-sized adult male. But I did stumble across this pattern on ravelry (not free, unfortunately):
I wish I could be more helpful. Best of luck with your socks!
Things are well with me. I'm over in Norway until the end of the year and am working on mittens, hats, and felted slippers to keep me warm. We've already gotten a bit of snow! Hope all is well with you, too :)
At 10:04am on July 7, 2010, Knit4Many said…
Grace I found that sock patterns from this book 2-at-a-time Socks
by Melissa Morgan-Oakes are pretty stretchy. Even if you don't knit magic loop it should be pretty easy to convert them to dpns. Also I don't knit socks two at a time. One thing I found useful when knitting socks for people who don't like sock that are two tight especially on the leg is to knit only 4 rows of what ever the ribbing is, so instead of lets say an inch or two of ribbing before the pattern starts only knit 4 rows. Gift socks that I have knit this way ( from this book) have been well received and loved.
At 2:01am on July 7, 2010, Fibersofgrace said…
CREATIVITY LOWS>>>>Learned that I knit incorrecdtly.. I am relearning on Annie Modesitt's class. I want to learn to make socks for swollen legs, and this knit issue explains why i can't knit lace and have it look correctly as well as why my stitches twist in st st.
. I am saving up for a wheel. I have a 40 year old ashford traditional wheel that is broken. I bought parts and am begging dh to fix it. I am hoping to get a wheel that I can spin gently with right foot as my left hip is quite bad. I played with the thought of getting an electric wheel but I want to spin anywhere. I have had a really bad few weeks.
The trigeminal Treatment affected my right eye, the lid fell 90 percent for 4 weeks and now it is down by 25 %. Pain makes me NON creative. However I know If i do create it will help the pain.. I just got inspired by some of my friends spinning here on KP. I will bring out some cormo and drop spindle and see if that will help.
see my blog hugs, grace who is a bit sad... and suffering in pain.
At 3:26am on June 10, 2010, Knit4Many said…
Grace: I am still a new spinner and it is going great. I love it! It is to soon to see what my favorite fiber to spin is. I did at my first fiber festival purchase a sort of my own fiber sampler and spinning through that. You can see what I bought on my blog here at the Knit Picks community. Spinning has done wonders for my shoulder pain, it really helps me stretch and relieves the nagging pain I've had for years. Wish I took spinning up sooner. Have a great day.
At 7:26am on January 26, 2010, Peggy Stuart said…
Grace: How are you doing? I have merino and silk in "pumpkin" on my wheel again. I'm spinning up the second batch for DS2's wonderful knitter girlfriend. (She got the first batch, but has a bigger project in mind.) I also have merino and silk on my Golding drop spindle, but it's Ashford's "Mulberry." Both are very soothing activities. I'm knitting a hat for DS2 with the yarn I made from chocolate alpaca from my friend Linda. The rest of my time is spent with knitting baby things for DD's daughter, due in June. Hope you're feeling well. --P
At 6:35pm on January 24, 2010, Rosemary Cox said…
Aww, thank you, Grace! The pattern was really well written - I highly recommend it as an intermediate-level sock. Happy knitting & best wishes :)
At 8:28am on January 12, 2010, Rosemary Cox said…
Hi Grace - Congrats on your vow renewal! 26 years is wonderful :)
I'm currently working on a pair of socks (my very first!):
When I'm done, I'll post photos on my blog:
Best wishes for 2010! ~r
At 3:14pm on January 10, 2010, Peggy Stuart said…
Grace: Thanks for being my friend. We have a lot of knitting coming up! --P
At 7:44am on September 30, 2009, Peggy Stuart said…
I don't have the Victorian Spring Scarf Pattern, but a space usually means knit on the front and purl on the back. Does that make any sense? --Peggy

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