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We love receiving your letters so much, we thought you’d like to read some too. We’ll continually update this page with our favorites.
Hi Kelly and everyone,

I want to express how much I enjoy your store and your podcasts. It seems like I've added a new local shop to my area because of the personal interactions I have with you. The podcasts have been a source of information, inspiration, enthusiasm, personal sharing and humor.
Thank you for introducing me to so many wonderful knitters, books and techniques. Your interchangeable needles are the best to my mind. I haven't tried many of your yarns yet because I'm such a tactile buyer, but I intend to.
Thanks again,
Margaret K., Knit Picks customer

Dear Knitpicks Staff,

Here's something amazing about your beautifully soft Essentials sock yarn. I knitted two pairs of Essentials socks--one plain, one multi--for my English friend Mary who goes on walking tours with Ramblers. These are international treks, often in challenging countryside, and the Ramblers walk miles and miles every day. Mary had recently had foot surgery, and she hikes in sandals.

The socks performed so well, keeping Mary's feet dry on several soggy days ion Dartmoor and in Cornwall, that she took them to Africa on her next excursion. On this tour, Mary's were the ONLY feet that stayed dry in equatorial downpours and along swampy trails--in her Essentials socks under hiking sandals. She parried other Ramblers' questions about "Where can I get socks like that?" with "Oh, I don't know if you can. The source is very exclusive, not available to everyone..."

OK. That's for starters. Now comes the cold winter in the West Country. Mary lives in Chippenham, Wilts, and commutes by train to her distant job. The station is at the top of a long, icy hill, and Mary must be there by 5:30 AM--in the dark. She puts a pair of her Essentials socks on OVER her shoes (I know, wince!) and trudges gamely up the hill on the ice. She says she has never slipped once. When she gets into the train, she takes the socks off, and they spring back into shape, ready for another day.

She swears on the phone that the socks are still in good condition, and she is too--no slips, no falls.

That's some fantastic yarn! Thanks for supplying such wonderful, affordable materials to the knitting community.

Jocelyn L., Knit Picks customer

From lookakookaburra: My favourite yarn (so far) is the Cotlin Yarn. I knit sets of seven baby wash cloths and/or bibs (one for each day of the week) and my family, my friends and friends of family and friends of friends just rave over how soft the washcloths are and the fact that these items stay soft even after several washes in the machine. Last year I knit for 6 babies and this year already I have to knit for two expectant mums. I also love the fact that Cotlin is economical in price. I can knit two and a half baby wash cloths with just one ball. The colours are bright and exciting as well. Well done KnitPicks!

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